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A Woman Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching Successful Online Courses

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In the fast-paced world of online education, women are increasingly taking the lead. Internet users can encounter various female specialists in online learning like influencers, coaches, teachers, owners of business schools, etc.

A few years ago, launching an online school would be a challenge, yet it’s not a problem anymore because of the tools trainers and teachers have access to. Online courses, webinars, live on social media, forums, and messaging apps are just several ways of sharing knowledge and skills online.

In this article, we’ll discuss online courses in more detail since the approach is becoming more and more popular among educators. But first, let’s consider all the benefits you can reap after building online courses to share your expertise with a wide audience.

Online Course Benefits

Designing professional online courses carries benefits both for educators and students. If you still wonder whether it’s useful to create online courses for your niche, you need to look through the pros it can bring. They will help you make a well-informed decision.

Let’s start with the benefits for educators. Online courses help them:

  • Reach an international audience
  • Receive revenue through one-time purchases, subscription-based models, or tiered pricing structures
  • Start teaching at a low investment
  • Utilize various teaching approaches and materials including videos, quizzes, presentations, and discussions
  • Deliver information based on their schedule
  • Share expertise in their way

Besides carrying advantages to educators, online courses enable learners to:

  • Access educational materials at any time and any location
  • Spend less to receive additional knowledge and skills
  • Learn new information at their own pace
  • Access engaging and interactive learning processes
  • Receive feedback from instructors
  • Obtain the latest information and updates in real time

Building online courses benefits all by ensuring flexibility, accessibility, and various teaching and learning opportunities for women entrepreneurs and learners. It creates more space for education, making it convenient, affordable, and adaptable to the needs of an international audience, their working schedule, and time zone.

Now, let’s proceed to the tips for identifying the perfect builder that will help you create powerful online courses.

Tips on Choosing the Best Online Course Builder

Creating an online course is always a great idea, but it might be a challenge for those who strive to do it manually. Fortunately, there are numerous online course builders out there for various purposes.

Your main task here is to select the perfect solution in terms of budget, features, usability, skills, and onboarding. This section is designed to provide you with effective tips on how to choose the best platform for your company.

Conduct Short Research

When finding the perfect solution for your business, consider looking through all the available course builder options that meet your budget, feature requirements, skills, and knowledge. Compile a list of the services, compare them, and identify the perfect combination of usability, onboarding, pricing, and features. If you have no programming skills, consider utilizing a no-code course builder to organize your videos, documents, workshops, and presentations into compelling courses that bring value.

Pay Attention to the Ease of Use

Look at the interface of each service to find out if it’s straightforward. A user-friendly platform is easy to navigate, allowing you to build courses faster and avoid spending time and effort to find out how everything works.

Ensure the Service Has Course Customization

Customization is crucial when it comes to online courses. If you want to create an outstanding online course that matches your brand personality, it’s essential to assess the customization options of the platforms. Consider ensuring that you can modify course content, design, and structure based on your company’s requirements.

Try Platforms Offering a Free Plan

When you’re unsure about the solution you want to choose, it’s better to test it first. You can do it for free when using a free plan or trial. Therefore, pay attention to those platforms with free plans to find out whether the service meets your expectations in terms of course delivery options, customization, multimedia support, etc.

Choose a Service Providing Responsive Design

Since more and more learners access educational materials from their smartphones, it’s important to ensure a seamless experience with your online courses. Search for the platforms that create courses compatible with laptops, phones, and tablets. With responsive courses, you’ll be able to access a wider audience and communicate your message without obstacles.

Pay Attention to Assessment Features

Tests are crucial for assessing your students’ understanding of the provided materials. That’s why you need a service that ensures robust assessment features, covering various questions and quizzes to monitor learners’ progress.

Check the Service for Learning Analytics

Since analytics gives you an understanding of student engagement, performance, and progress, it’s essential to have it available. When choosing a service, ensure that it has comprehensive learning analytics that will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your course.

Identify Course Delivery Options

If you want to meet different learning preferences, you should find out whether the platform supports various course delivery options like self-paced learning, drip content, and live sessions.

Now, let’s review some great success stories of women entrepreneurs who succeeded in creating useful courses and supporting thousands of business owners all around the world. It will inspire you to apply all the tips above when building a new course.

3 Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, many women succeed in the online course industry, building thriving businesses and bringing significant change. Below are some of the excellent success stories that will inspire you to contribute to online education by designing a powerful course.

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Marie Forleo is an American entrepreneur, coach, and founder of B-School. B-School is an example of outstanding online training for individuals who want to start working for themselves and build a successful business.

The school suits people who want to start their company from scratch and those who strive to bring their brands to new heights. Thousands of women and men entrepreneurs around the globe were empowered by Marie with engaging online courses, coaching, and content that inspires.

Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield

Amy Portfied is one more example of a successful woman entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and educator. She created her own Digital Course Academy that helps students worldwide by providing her program for validating, creating, launching, and profitably selling their digital products.

Her academy aims not only to teach how to build a professional course but also how to market it successfully and establish a big customer base. Her story motivates learners and encourages them to study harder to attain their business goals.

Social Curator by Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a photographer, speaker, business strategist, and most importantly, the founder of Social Curator, a project that started as a monthly subscription focusing on caption templates, lifestyle photos, and marketing strategies. The brand grew fast and now it even includes courses that help startup owners all around the globe.

These are only three success stories of women entrepreneurs who work hard to be successful educators. Hopefully, their stories will inspire you to create something big and powerful by bringing your expertise to a global audience.


Numerous women entrepreneurs have contributed to the online course industry by using their skills and knowledge to build valuable educational content and share it with the audience. You can become one of them by utilizing a special platform, but be strategic in selecting your perfect solution.

Once you’ve found a platform, pay attention to the factors that might influence your decision like audience, pricing structure, features, usability, customization, and control. Every service has its strengths and weaknesses so it can be suitable for some entrepreneurs but not enough for others. If you want a course builder that aligns with your specific business requirements, keep in mind the characteristics of your business.

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