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Creative Business Ideas for Women Artists

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Despite the current calls for gender equality, the business space remains dominated by male founders. In 2021, the rate of new entrepreneurs among American women dropped from 0.3 percent in 2020 to 0.28 percent.

Female artists who want to contribute to the economy can do so by launching their own creative startups. This short guide outlines simple startup ideas to encourage female artists to keep doing what they love and earn passive income.

Start an Online Shop

If you love creating different art projects like decorations or clothes, you don’t need much money to earn passive income. Through online selling platforms like Etsy, you can focus on doing what you love without worrying about building an audience through marketing.

Modern selling platforms come with free marketing and pre-built audiences. Whether selling jewelry, prints, or crochet stuffed animals, you’ll have a significant chance to make your work stand out.

By selling your creations, you can focus on elevating your creative skills and save time on business development. You can make your own cosmetics, prints, bracelets, and even clothes.

Today, fashion boutiques can be run with little investment. Through social media, you don’t even need to invest in a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, you can promote fashionable clothes from your apartment and pay the shipping costs once your products are sold.

Sell Photos Online

If you have the skill, you can offer professional photography services to help people commemorate special occasions and events. While new phones come with high-quality cameras, only some have the talent to capture life-changing moments in a single frame.

You can expand your services to aerial, product, food, pet, and real estate photography. This strategy expands your clientele and can also elevate your photography skills.

You can also sell some of the most beautiful pictures you’ve taken online. You can look for stock photo platforms that will pay for your projects and sell photographs in bulk.

Share Makeup Secrets

Some people overlook the art of putting on makeup when considering creative business ventures. These people forget that understanding colors and how they look on different skin tones requires a high level of artistry.

You can work as a skilled freelance makeup artist if you’re creative and want others to feel their best. Through your exceptional makeup skills, you can market yourself and build a reputation as the go-to expert for occasions like proms, weddings, and dance competitions.

You can also be a social media influencer by sharing makeup secrets online. You can reach out to brands that pay their brand ambassadors in return for promoting their products.

Teach Art

If you have a talent for teaching, you can offer lessons in drawing or painting. There are many homeschooled students who need guidance to improve their artistic talents.

If working with younger children isn’t for you, you can try teaching at paint-and-sip events. Have clients bring their drinks and host the event at a picturesque location. You can even host virtually for this teaching session.

Another tactic is to visit your local arts and crafts center to see if they’re looking for contractors to teach classes at times that work for you.

Today, inflation and rising costs can make it challenging to save money. You may find yourself struggling to pay your bills or applying for an online home loan to afford your dream home. Starting a creative venture can help you get extra money while doing what you love. Try the business ideas above to help you earn more and save more.

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