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Empowering Women In Healthcare: A Locum Story

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Women are often pulled into a healthcare career by a desire to help others and be a part of their care. Yet, it can be a job that leads to burnout quickly. The fast-paced setting, low staffing in many facilities, office politics, and more contribute to a setting that’s not always empowering – or something they can do for a long time without feeling the stress. Another option for those who want to stay in healthcare but need something different is locum tenens jobs. 

The Ability for Change

Sometimes, just changing to a new location or even moving to a new city is all that’s needed to get a change and refresh the will to help others. Many professionals in the healthcare field worry about being able to do this, as they don’t necessarily want to leave their job and start over somewhere else, especially if they want to make sure the new job is a good fit for them.

By looking at locums tenens jobs, they can get the change needed without the full commitment – they can take long or short assignments and make changes when they want to enjoy their work. 

Better Pay for the Job

Studies have shown that those who work locum tenens end up being paid more than those who don’t. Often, facilities turn to locums tenens when they need short-term assistance, and they’re in a bind, so they may be willing to pay a little bit more.

The salary for physicians does vary based on their specialty, and this isn’t any different with locums tenens. Those who want to take better control over their own job and finances may consider moving into locum tenens to increase their pay without increasing responsibilities. 

Flexibility Around Other Priorities

Long hours are the norm in the healthcare field, making it hard for many women to juggle their priorities and make sure they have time for everything in their lives.

A more flexible schedule can make this a lot easier and give them the opportunities they want to spend more time with their family and focus on their personal growth. By taking assignments that meet their needs better, many women are able to use the flexibility of locum tenens to their advantage. 

Extra Hours When Needed

Sometimes, a little extra money is needed. Those who are happy with their job but who aren’t getting enough hours may want something they can do to work a little bit more and meet their financial goals. Locum tenens is perfect for this.

Without leaving a job they love, they can take on additional short-term assignments that can help increase their hours and their pay. They’ll be able to choose what they want to do and when they want to work, so it’s a great way to make more without having to transfer over to a new job. 

In the healthcare field, there are a lot of stressors that can impact the jobs and lives of women in the industry. However, there are options that can empower them to continue helping others while making sure they’re meeting their own needs, too.

For women in healthcare, locum tenens may be an excellent option to help them reach their goals, bring in more money, and continue to work in a setting they love without the stress or other issues they may have experienced in the past.

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