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Free T-Shirt & PSD Templates (2023)

Are you having trouble with product photography, or maybe you’re using a print-on-demand service to run your store and don’t actually have any of your shirts on hand?

We’ve compiled a list of the best t-shirt mockups and templates you can use for your clothing line so you don’t have to worry about finding models and perfecting studio lighting.

All you have to do is find a t-shirt mockup you like and add your design. While you’re looking, consider the two types of t-shirt templates available: online t-shirt templates and downloadable t-shirt mockup files. The latter is typically formatted as a PSD, or Photoshop document, so it requires you to use Adobe Photoshop or a different dedicated image-editing software.

Design your next t-shirt mockup 👕

What is a t-shirt mockup?

A t-shirt mockup is a blank slate for designing a t-shirt with your own graphics, pictures, images, words, or branding. When you mock up a t-shirt, you create a design and put it on a virtual shirt so you and your customers can get an idea of what it will look like in real life.

When you design your own shirt mockups, you might download a t-shirt outline and build your design within those confines. However, that requires knowing how to use a photo editor, as well as basic knowledge of apparel design and clothing photography.

Luckily, those who don’t have such skills can use t-shirt design templates and mockups available online. They make the design process much easier.

Top t-shirt mockup generators

These tools can help you generate t-shirt mockups without any need for image-editing software. Their t-shirt design templates include a wide range of fits and styles and offer you all the flexibility you need to create great shirt mockups.

1. Printful

Screenshot of Printful mockup generator
Printful allows you to change graphics, fonts, colors, and patterns.

Printful isn’t just a great way to print products on demand for your store—it also offers a way to do your t-shirt mockup for free. You don’t need image-editing software to add your design to these t-shirt templates, and Printful offers templates for shirts, hoodies, and more. Whether you need a onesie template or a men’s t-shirt template, you’re covered.

Shopify app?: Yes.

Key features:

  • Shirt template includes model wearing product.
  • Includes a transparent background.
  • Design t-shirt mockups for free.

2. Printify

Screenshot of Printify t-shirt mockup generator
Printify uses drag-and-drop functionality for its t-shirt mockup generator.

Printify uses a simple drag-and-drop function that allows you to instantly produce highly realistic mockups for your t-shirt designs. You can quickly switch between different color options and size variants, making it easy to see how your t-shirt designs will look across all of the color and size variants you want to sell. 

Shopify app?: Yes.

Key features:

  • Easily switch between different size and color variants.
  • Includes options for editing both the front and back of your design.
  • Includes a wide variety of t-shirt, hoodie, and tanktop options.

3. Gelato

Screenshot of Gelato mockup generator
Gelato includes access to stock images, a mockup generator, and branded labels and packaging.

Gelato is another print-on-demand dropshipping app that connects directly to your Shopify store. Among its suite of tools, Gelato incluses a mockup generator and design editor that allows you to customize and tweak your designs. It also includes an option that lets you upload multiple variants of the same design. 

Shopify app?: Yes

Key features:

  • Includes access to over 360 million vectors, stock photos, and other visual assets.
  • Products ship from nine countries worldwide, allowing you to keep shipping times low.
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4. Shirt-King

Screenshot of Shirt-King Shopify app
Shirt-King integrates seamlessly with your Shopify site.

Shirt-King allows you to upload your ready-made t-shirt designs or create new ones with its mockup generator. You create the product designs and Shirt-King handles production and order fulfillment. It also includes automatic order synchronization and seamless Shopify integration. However, Shirt-King is only available in the EU.

Shopify app?: Yes.

Key features:

  • Caters to businesses in the EU.
  • Automated order synchronization.
  • Design t-shirt mockups for free.

5. Custom Ink

Screenshot of Custom Ink mockup generator
Custom Ink is entirely web-based, so you don’t need to download any software or programs to use it.

Custom Ink’s t-shirt mockup generator is a great free tool that lets you see how your designs will look on a wide range of shirts, from t-shirts to tank tops to raglans. Custom Ink has a limited choice of colors available, which makes it a lot less intimidating than the wide world of “pick your own color!” Once you’re done, you can order your shirts directly from Custom Ink.

Shopify app?: No.

Key features:

  • Includes a suite of free-to-use graphics.
  • Mockups can be turned into physical products using Custom Ink’s online tool.
  • Design t-shirt mockups for free.

6. Smartmockups

Smartmockups has a huge range of t-shirt types and styles to choose from.

Smartmockups is home to more than 1,500 free t-shirt mockups. All you have to do is upload your design, choose a t-shirt color, and download the mockup to 5K quality. You can find everything here, including v-necks, round neck, kids t-shirts, and more. Smartmockups even offers mockups for iPhone cases if you want to expand your product line. 

Shopify app?: No.

Key features:

  • View tee mockups from all angles, including top view, front view, hanging t-shirt, and folded t-shirts.
  • High-quality mockup file to use in your online store.
  • Design t-shirt mockups for free.

7. Placeit

Screenshot of Placeit
Placeit has a wide range of t-shirt templates you can use to generate photos featuring your apparel design.

Placeit is a well-known t-shirt mockup generator that lets you place screenshots into images of computers, phones, and more. Choose from a wide range of t-shirt mockups, place your design on them, and buy the ones that fit your brand, all without ever opening an image editor. Placeit is a great t-shirt mockup generator for those not experienced with image-editing software.

Shopify app?: No.

Key features:

  • Tons of styles to choose from.
  • Online tool is extremely simple to use.

8. Shirtee.Cloud

Screenshot of Shirtee.Cloud
Shirtee.Cloud has a Shopify app for seamless integration.

Shirtee.Cloud has more than 50 different products and 4,000 product variations. It includes white label shipping, warehousing, and returns management. You can customize your designs or upload your own.

Shopify app?: Yes.

Key features:

  • Specializes in catering to EU-based businesses.
  • Ability to list your products on the Shirtee.Cloud marketplace.

9. Styria Shirts

Screenshot of Styria Shirts t-shirt mockup generator
Styria Shirts caters to businesses in the EU.

Another EU option, Styria Shirts allows you to design your own products while it prints, embroiders, packs, and ships the orders on your behalf. Customize colors, designs, labels, and brands using its mockup generator. In addition to t-shirts, you can design hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, mugs, and tote bags.

Shopify app?: Yes.

Key features:

  • For EU-based businesses.
  • More than 200 products available to customize.


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Downloadable t-shirt mockup and template files (PSDs)

These t-shirt design templates are all files you can use to create great mockups in image-editing software. Most of them are in PSD format, so you’ll need access to and basic knowledge of Photoshop to open them.

Zipup hoodie mockup

Hoodie mock up
If you want to offer more than just t-shirts, this template could be the one for you.

Zipup’s high-resolution hoodie mockup is a great template for all your hoodie image needs (people need to wear something over their t-shirt, right?). You’ve got both front and back views to accommodate your designs, and you can turn heathering (interwoven threads with different colors) on and off to accurately represent your hoodies in the template images. You’ll need image-editing software to use this file, but you’ll be able to adjust the color of the hoodie to accurately reflect your products.

Key features:

  • Great quality hoodie mockup.
  • Both front and back shots available.

Go Media mockup templates

Go Media t-shirt templates
Go Media has options for t-shirts, hoodies, and more.

There are multiple t-shirt and hoodie templates available for sale from Go Media, but one of the most interesting and unique features is that you can buy t-shirt templates that also have a side view of your design. If you have design elements best viewed from the left or the right, this might be the place to make your t-shirt mockups.

Key features:

  • Variety of different clothing styles available.
  • Easy to use and extremely high-quality designs.
  • Sold in packs with instructions on how to use.

Graphic Burger t-shirt mockups 

Graphic burger t shirt
You can find free templates for all kinds of t-shirts from Graphic Burger.

Graphic Burger has a few free t-shirt templates, including this one featuring front and back views, and this one for v-neck tees. You can find files that are free to download, but you’ll need Photoshop to open it and make changes.

Key features:

  • High-quality and high-resolution shirt mockups.
  • Includes a high-quality Photoshop file to edit.
  • Free to use.


Behance t shirt PSD templates
Browse tons of mockup options from Behance.

Behance is the world’s largest online platform for showcasing and discovering creative work. It’s home to hundreds of t-shirt design templates and t-shirt outlines you can download for free. You’ll find everything including white t-shirt mockups, complete mockup kits with hoodies, black t-shirts, long sleeves, and more. 

Key features:

  • Endless variety of free templates for creating custom t-shirt designs. 
  • Excellent filtering options to find the perfect mockups for your t-shirt business.


Freepik tshirt templates
Freepik has thousands of options for all kinds of shirts.

Another place to get free t-shirt mockup PSD files is Freepik. You can browse through more than 5,000 different mockup sets, such as tri-blend crew tops, sports shirts, and t-shirts with cool typography. You can also choose from vector t-shirt and clipart graphics if you don’t want to show your designs with models.

Key features:

  • Choose from more than 5,000 t-shirt outlines and templates in various styles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Design t-shirt mockups for free.

Infinity color shirt mockup

Infinity color tshirt PSD templates
This template offers unique perspectives that others don’t.

T-shirts aren’t always on hangers in real life, but it can be tough to find templates that offer alternate views. That’s what makes the Infinity color t-shirt template pack so great: You can showcase your designs on a range of different folded shirts, which makes it all feel much more natural. You’ll need image-editing software to add your designs, change the shirt colors, and update the background color in this PSD template.

Key features:

  • Beautiful t-shirt templates that are available in multiple colors.
  • Unique product shot angles to help display shirt artwork.


Photorealistic t shirt from pixelbuddah
You can download this template for free.

This freebie from Pixelbuddah offers downloadable photorealistic t-shirt templates to display your shirts outside of the typical flat-lay or hanger options. You can easily edit the t-shirt color, add your design (and have it follow the folds and wrinkles of the shirt), and edit the background color and texture. Although it requires image-editing software, it’s a great free t-shirt mockup option.

Key features:

  • Very high-quality and realistic t-shirt template.
  • Unique product shot angle.
  • Design t-shirt mockups for free.

Baby onesie mockup

Onesie mock up template
This mockup template is a great option for baby onesies.

If your t-shirts are of the tiny baby variety (a.k.a. onesies), then this growsuit mockup is a great way to avoid costly photoshoots with models who might need frequent naps. You can place your designs on the front and back, update the colors, and edit the background. You’ll need image editing software to work with this file.

Key features:

  • High resolution.
  • Front and back designs.
  • Multiple background options.

Tank-top mockup shirt design

Tank top
Cater to a different audience with tank tops.

Sun’s out, guns out. This template is perfect to showcase your sleeveless designs on a unisex tank-top mockup. It includes a hanger, wall-textured background, and a tag you can customize. You’ll need image-editing software to add in your design and change the colors. 

Key features:

  • Beautiful tank-top shirt mockup.
  • Colorful and easy to use.
  • Shirt template includes layered PSD file.

Vintage and classic t-shirt

Vintage t shirt mockup PSD
You can download this template for free.

This free vintage t-shirt mockup template, also from Pixeden, gives you everything you need for a classic on-hanger t-shirt image. All you have to do is open the file in your image-editing software and you can easily add in your designs, update the shirt color, and modify the background to suit your product’s look.

Key features:

  • Retro shirt feel with hanger included.
  • Easily change the colors of the shirt using the included PSD file.
  • Design apparel mockups for free.

Polo shirt mockup

PSD t shirt template
This t-shirt mockup is great for button-ups.

Finding a t-shirt template is easy enough, but what about polo shirt templates? There aren’t as many options out there, which is why this find from Pixeden is so great. It’s a PSD file, so you’ll need image-editing software to open it, but once you do you’ll have everything you need to create a polo shirt mockup.

You can change the color of the shirt and of the background, and place your design on the shirt and the interior label. The blank-shirt template also comes with a wooden hanger in the image.

Key features:

  • High-quality shirt template.
  • One of the few polo shirt mockups available.

Short-sleeve dress shirt mockup

Short sleeve dress shirt mock-up
Go more formal with dress shirt designs.

If your shirts have collars, finding a blank t-shirt template to suit your product can be tricky. Don’t fret, because we found a great short-sleeve dress shirt template that’s ready for you to use. This dress shirt template is fully editable, with options to select colors and add your designs. You’ll need image-editing software to use it, but once that’s handled, you’re off to the races (in a dress shirt).

Key features:

  • Dress shirt is fully customizable.
  • High-quality shirt template.
  • Easily change the colors of the shirt using the included PSD file.

Cotton Bureau

Cotton Bureau has a reputation for quality.

Cotton Bureau has a reputation as a source for high-quality, beautifully designed t-shirts, so it’s no surprise it also sells great t-shirt templates for entrepreneurs. Its t-shirt mockups come in a range of colors, fits, and styles. Having fit and brand information available can really help your t-shirt mockups show a true-to-life image of what your customers can expect. You can also sell your designs on its marketplace.

Key features:

  • Beautiful high-quality shirt templates.
  • A variety of different styles available for download, from women’s t-shirt mockups to black t-shirt mockups and more.


This t-shirt mockup template is wrinkle-free.

Nothing looks weirder than a design that’s clearly added on top of a t-shirt image. This t-shirt mockup PSD from Tyunderscore avoids that problem. When you add your design, the file is set up to adjust the design to the wrinkles in the shirt, giving you a much more realistic t-shirt mockup. You can also adjust the t-shirt color and the background, add all-over patterns, and hide or edit the t-shirt tag. You’ll need image-editing software to open and use this t-shirt template.

Key features:

  • Easy to use shirt mockup.
  • High-quality t-shirts with a variety of colors available.

Your t-shirt mockup design starter kit

As you can see, there are endless t-shirt templates and mockups to start your t-shirt business online. Use these free and paid generators to find the right look and feel for your apparel and start building your brand

Illustration by Rachel Tunstall

T-shirt template and mockup FAQ

How do you make a t-shirt mockup?

Once you’ve downloaded the t-shirt mockup file, you’ll use image-editing software like Photoshop to manipulate the color of the shirt. This is also where you can add design elements. Many templates include options to manipulate the tag, labels, buttons, and other unique pieces of the t-shirt. Some mockups also offer options for long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, jackets, and other pieces of apparel.

Where can I find free mockups?

  • Printful
  • Print Aura
  • Printify
  • Gelatto
  • Custom Ink
  • Smartmockups 
  • Behance
  • Freepik

How do I put my design on a mockup?

  1. From scratch in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Using an online t-shirt mockup.
  3. Downloading a t-shirt mockup PSD file.

To alter your design in Photoshop, you can use smart layers to quickly and easily replace the graphics on the t-shirt.

How can I make my own t-shirts for free?

Many of the t-shirt mockup generators listed above are free. You can upload your own designs for free. Or you can start with one of its pre-made templates and tweak it for your unique style. While you can design the t-shirts for free, there are costs associated with actually manufacturing them.

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