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For the last few months, Naval and I have been publishing a podcast on “How to Get Rich.” It’s based on his chart-busting tweetstorm. I’ve embedded the first episode above.

You can find it on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Overcast, Google, Breaker and every other damn app on the planet.

The title is a little cheesy. It should really be called “How to Create Wealth.” But that doesn’t have the same oomph.

This time it’s different

This podcast is different than other advice on getting rich. It’s free. There are no ads. It’s abstract. Our goal is to make timeless material, not to sell ads or keep you listening.

Each episode is only a few minutes long, covering a single topic and there’s no fluff. We use Descript to chop up, re-arrange and organize the interviews before publication. You don’t have to fast forward through 10 minutes of intro to get to the good stuff.

We publish clean, organized transcripts so you can read each episode if you like.

The episodes are edited for sound quality by our killer sound guy and filler words are removed (um like basically). If you hate the sound quality on the first few episodes, hang on, it gets a lot better as we improve our mics and switch to Zencastr in later episodes.

Everyone on the planet should hear this podcast, whether they want to build a 1-person cashflow business or they want want to build a multi-billion dollar company with a team.

You can do us a favor by sharing it with someone who needs to hear it.

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