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Learn How Shopify Magic Will Supercharge Your Business (2023)

As business owners, you know there’s no shortage of manual tasks to be done—but with the release of Shopify Magic’s new suite of AI-powered features, everything from emails to product descriptions can be generated with the push of a button. In this special episode of Shopify’s podcast, hear from Shopify Magic’s director of product, Miqdad Jaffer, about how these features came to be, as well as how Mikey Moran, CEO of Private Label, uses them to supercharge his business.

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Do more with less time 

Mikey Moran’s Private Label is one of the world’s largest hair extension wholesalers, offering thousands of products internationally to thousands of businesses. This means Mikey and his team constantly need to upload product images and write descriptions to accompany each item.

A hair curler by Private Label set against a pink background.
Shopify Magic helps speed up Private Label’s process for writing thousands of unique product descriptions. Private Label

In the past, this was a manual and tedious process—but now it’s sped up considerably, with help from Shopify’s new AI-generated product description feature. “It becomes very difficult to stay creative for a long period of time,” Mikey says. “And that’s where Shopify Magic comes in. It just blew my mind how fast I could create amazing product descriptions.” 

Jump start your creative process

What’s the best way to get your business started with AI? Mikey suggests playing around and testing tools to figure out what unlocks your growth potential while maintaining your unique identity.

“[Within] Shopify Magic, there’s expert, daring, playful, sophisticated, persuasive, supportive—there are all these different tones that you can [select] in a dropdown menu,” says Mikey. “So go ahead and just play with the different prompts and try to figure out what’s gonna work the best for [your] brand voice.” 

Take a peak at what Shopify Magic has in store by checking out this video:

Assistance to give you superpowers 

Coming soon in early release, Shopify’s AI-powered assistant, Sidekick, will help businesses of all sizes to start, build, and grow their Shopify store. “This is going to allow you to be able to scale yourself and do some of the things that you’ve always wanted to do,” says Miqdad. “[Allowing you to] spend more time in building your expertise instead of filling your time with redundant tasks.”

Whether writing high-converting marketing emails or compelling blog posts, you can ask for Sidekick’s help to kick-start the creative process, answer questions, solve problems, and help you get more work done, faster.

Check out this message from our CEO, Tobi Lutke, on how he envisions the future of entrepreneurship powered by AI: 

Tune into the full interview with Miqdad and Mikey to hear more about Shopify Magic and how it can help to grow your business.

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