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Neo-Nazis protest outside Broadway show starring Ben Platt

Theatergoers attending the first preview of “Parade” on Broadway were met with a disturbing sight Tuesday night when a small group of neo-Nazis picketed the show.

The protesters held anti-Semitic placards calling the musical’s subject, Leo Frank, a “pedophile” and yelled at ticketholders as they walked into the theater.

Frank was a Jewish factory superintendent who was convicted in 1913 of the murder of a 13-year-old employee, Mary Phagan, in Atlanta. Two years after his sentencing, the 31-year-old was lynched. Researchers later concluded that Frank had been wrongly convicted and another man was likely the murderer.

A source tells Page Six that director Michael Arden addressed the packed crowd, which included Mark Ronson and “West Side Story” star Rachel Zegler, to talk about the “power of theater being on display that night.”

Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond in a publicity photo for "Parade."
“Parade” tells the true story of the lynching of Leo Frank.
Courtesy of Emilio Madrid

Ben Platt in a publicity photo for "Parade."
Platt won a Tony for his role in “Dear Evan Hansen.”
Courtesy of Emilio Madrid


Micaela Diamond and Ben Platt in a publicity photo for "Parade."
Micaela Diamond plays Leo’s wife, Lucille, in the musical.
Courtesy of Emilio Madrid


Ben Platt, who portrays Frank in the Broadway revival, did not find out about the protests until after the show.

He took to Instagram after curtain call, explaining, “I don’t usually address social media in this manner because I’m afraid of it, but I felt compelled to this evening.”

Neo-Nazis staging a protest outside "Parade."
Neo-Nazis yelled at patrons as they entered the theater.

Platt called the protests “very ugly and scary, but a wonderful reminder of why we’re telling this particular story and how special and powerful … theater can be.”

The Tony-winning “Dear Evan Hansen” star, 29, shared that playing Frank has “just made me extra grateful to be the one who gets to tell this particular story and carry on this legacy of Leo.”

He also went on to stress the “gorgeous” work done by the cast in an attempt to shift the focus away from “the really ugly actions of a few who are spreading evil.”

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