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Salaries, Earnings, & Retainers – How Do You Stack Up?

Mailchimp surveyed over 2,000 independent agencies and freelancers from 63 countries to put together the 2022 Benchmark Report.

It examines how agencies and freelancers fared across the board when it comes to talent and accounts. We wanted to share a preview of some of the most interesting stats for the “Money Matters” section.

How are Freelancers Doing?

  • They’re seeing growth. In last year’s report, 45% of responding freelancers said they increased their year-over-year revenue. This year, 54% of respondents reported a growth in revenue.
  • They’re earning more. 15% of respondents say they achieved revenue of more than $100K.
  • They’re valuing their time. 77% of freelancers said they value time over money, and feel less stressed.

How are Agencies Doing?

  • The salaries are rising. 52% of agency pros in North America say they earned over $75K.
  • They keep clients on lock. Agencies that say they had between 41–60% of their work on retainer
  • They are equally on the hook. 61% of agencies say just one client made up more than 20% of their revenue…that can be good and bad, so Mailchimp has tips for cash reserves.

Expect to find much more information that can help you learn how to win more business, find and retain top talent, price your services, and enhance your performance.


We love a straight forward product name. Plannuh is a marketing budget and planning tool that will help you whip that spend into shape.

This isn’t just a task manager with accounting added on. Plannuh can act as a strategic marketing hub that helps you build, execute, and measure goals, campaigns, and expenses in one place. That includes tracking your cost-per-outcome (CPO), return on investment (ROI), and lifetime value (LTV) in real-time.

On top of that, they have a free library of resources for business owners looking to get a stronger understanding of operations and finance – including tools like an Operational Marketing Funnel Builder.

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If You Go Big, Don’t Go Broke

What do you see in most sports betting ads?

✅ A blacked-out stadium

✅  A guy in a suit

✅  Big flashy graphics

The Responsible Gambling Council decided to take that formula and use it as a PSA. Since online sports betting is relatively new to Ontario, the goal is to remind people that online gambling comes with big risks. While this is aimed at Canandian markets, it’s a good reminder for anyone who is taking on sports bets.

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