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The Difference Between Owned & Borrowed Audiences

What does it mean to know, own, and engage with your audience effectively? Today, we’re going to teach you a little bit about audience diversification across channels, and how to manage that.

What is a “Borrowed” Audience?

A “borrowed” audience is your following on other platforms (mainly social media). While network effects make it easier to quickly reach masses, you’re building on someone else’s platform and do not own this list of people outright.


  • It’s easy and can be cheaper to tap into.
  • Great for experimenting content on.


  • Oversaturation – Too many people posting too many things.
  • You are often at the mercy of the algorithm and any platform issues (we’re looking at you, Facebook).

What is an Owned Audience? 

An owned (or earned) audience is your following that given you their email address voluntarily. They are your subscribers for select communication that you offer (updates, marketing, newsletters, etc.).


  • Direct communication with a primed audience.
  • It can be platform-agnostic as you can take your list anywhere.


  • Requires more effort and risk to get started.
  • It’s going to require more maintenance like diligent list hygiene.

No matter which audience type your brand leans to more, it’s important to have a little bit of both to maintain a strong brand presence. Oftentimes you can use your borrowed audience as a way to feed your owned audience. Just be mindful of the pros and cons for each, and the changing tides of each platform.

Check out the full post at the Bootstrapped Founder’s blog for more insights and words of advice.

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A Big, Beasty Ball of Nasty

This trash won’t pick up itself.

When it comes to mindful waste management, recycling is essential. Association of Municipalities in the Attica Region (EDSNA) in Greece put out this metaphorical PSA that shows how out-of-hand landfills can get in the form of a big trash monster. Everyone can help reduce that by sorting out recyclable items.

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