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Take The Lead In Sports Management With An Online Master’s In Athletic Administration

Transform your passion for sports into a thriving career with an online master’s in athletic administration. Learn concepts from revenue generation to law and analytics.

 It’s a fully online graduate program with accelerated coursework and a supervised internship.

Leadership Skills

Whether you want to manage a professional or collegiate sports team, work in sports media, or develop an intercollegiate athletics program, leadership skills will be vital to your success. You will hone your leadership skills and obtain an understanding of the strategic planning involved in running a complicated company with an online masters athletic administration.

The 36-credit MA curriculum in sports leadership helps students prepare for various career options in the sports industry. The fully online program offers both thesis and non-thesis options and allows graduate students to complete a supervised internship.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers an MBA with a concentration in sports management, allowing students to explore the broader aspects of sports management and develop the critical thinking and communication skills to help them succeed. Students can take classes online and at their own pace, making accommodating their work schedules and family life easy.

Organizational Skills

Managing a team’s or organization’s operations and logistics is what a career in sports administration entails. As a result, strong organizational skills are vital.

Managing staff and team members, setting goals, planning projects, and developing budgets are necessary for effective sports management leadership. An online master’s in athletic administration degree offers opportunities to hone these skills and prepare for the demands of a leadership role in the sports industry.

Online graduate programs allow students to complete their degree in at least one year if they attend full-time. The program requires 30 credit hours, including a three-semester hour internship or a six-semester hour research project. The program also waives the GRE for students with five years of relevant work experience or an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, a goal statement, a CV, and two recommendation letters are required of the students.

Communication Skills

In the field of sports administration, strong communication skills are essential. An online master’s in sports management program will allow you to hone your written and verbal communication. You’ll also learn research methods, study ethics, and apply critical thinking to solve problems.

 For working professionals looking to progress in the sports industry, it’s a great option.

Research Skills

Students in the online master’s in sports administration program will have access to a virtual learning portal to watch lectures and read course materials at their own pace. This flexibility makes it easy for students to stay on track and avoid falling behind, no matter what happens in their personal lives.

Students in this degree program can complete a three-semester internship or a six-semester-long research project. The internship or research project is designed to be a culminating experience for the degree. Students will work with their faculty advisor to choose an appropriate internship or research experience related to sports management.

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