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The 10 Best Wholesale Men’s Clothing Vendors (2024)

If you’re looking to start an online store right now, men’s clothing is a great niche to get into. 

For product sourcing, there’s a large variety of suppliers out there offering wholesale clothing for men at great prices. The challenge, of course, is to identify the best men’s clothing wholesalers for your store. 

Ahead, you’ll learn the specifics of starting a men’s clothing brand, discover where to find wholesale men’s clothing suppliers, and see 10 reliable men’s wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors to help you start. 

How to choose the right vendor for men’s wholesale clothing

Choosing a men’s wholesale clothing vendor involves evaluating your business needs, financial considerations, and the vendor’s reliability. This research lays a solid foundation for a long-term, profitable business relationship.

1. Identify your niche

First, figure out who your target market is. Would you like to cater to high-end fashion, athletic wear, casual styles, or a combination of them all? Consider vendors who specialize in your niche.

2. Evaluate your stock needs

Evaluate your stock needs. Some vendors specialize in bulk sales, while others may offer smaller quantities.

Most wholesalers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is the smallest order amount or product quantity they’re willing to supply. If their MOQ is too high, you might end up with excess inventory, tying up funds and potentially wasting stock if it doesn’t sell.

If you have been in business for a while, analyze your past sales trends. Look for seasonal fluctuations, popular sizes, or styles that consistently perform well.

3. Access vendor capabilities 

Get a list of vendors ready. Request samples to assess the quality of materials, stitching, and overall craftsmanship. The quality should align with your brand’s standards and your customers’ expectations.

Consider the vendor’s reliability and ability to consistently meet your demands. Can they handle the volume you need? Do they have a track record of timely delivery?

4. Compare pricing

Compare pricing across vendors to find a cost-effective option. However, remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best if it compromises quality. Understand the payment terms and any potential discounts for bulk purchases.

Inquire about shipping costs and if they offer free shipping thresholds. Determine how these costs will impact your pricing strategy and profit margins.

5. Consider the long-term relationship

As your business grows, can the vendor accommodate your scaling needs? Look for vendors willing to grow with you and potentially offer better terms as your business relationship strengthens.

Choose a vendor who stays on top of fashion trends, ensuring your product line remains current and competitive.

10 best vendors for wholesale men’s clothing

The men’s clothing wholesaler you choose will make or break your success. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of top wholesale clothing supplier websites where you can find good quality men’s apparel vendors for your business.

Although we also recommend visiting wholesale markets and researching wholesalers on Google, the following sites contain the best vendors for purchasing inventory at a low cost, with minimal headaches.

1. Faire

Image of Faire wholesale marketplace showing results for “men’s clothing” query

Faire is a handpicked wholesale marketplace with a special focus on US-based wholesalers. You’ll find quality wholesale suppliers for men’s urban clothing, outdoor wear, ethically made polo shirts, and more on the platform. The marketplace curates thousands of items from distinct, trendy brands to help you sell products your customers will love.

Additionally, the platform lets you filter wholesalers based on minimum order, so you can look at the inventory of only those vendors who suit your financial capacity. Plus, you can search for men’s wholesale clothing distributors in specific categories or by brand. You can also find a wholesale menswear supplier near your state and reduce shipping times drastically.

What’s more, Faire displays the retail price of each item the wholesaler has listed for sale. This can give you an idea of how much to charge and the profits you can earn in sales. In short, the marketplace makes it easy to source men’s clothing items for your store.

2. Q Clothing

Image of Q Clothing results for men’s clothing

Next up on our list of best wholesale men’s clothing vendors is Q Clothing with its vast range of fashionable apparel. You’ll find everything from designer clothing to formal suits to casual dress shirts on the platform. The items are sold by UK vendors who specialize in stocking trendy outfits that will appeal to modern consumers. 

Looking to buy cheap men’s designer clothes wholesale? Q Clothing makes that possible by listing ex-chainstore apparel. Ex-chainstore means the product was originally ordered by a high street chainstore who later canceled the order (due to late delivery). The website then offers them to retailers at a substantially lower cost than the manufacturer’s price.

However, having the items delivered within the UK will require you to pay VAT. The prices listed on the website do not reflect the VAT at the current rate of 20%. Despite this, Q Clothing is regarded as one of the best wholesale distributors in the country.

3. Made-in-China

Image of Made-in-China wholesale marketplace showing results for “men’s clothing” query

Made-in-China is a website where many Chinese factories sell their items at affordable prices. The site has a great selection of wholesale men’s clothing suppliers, and most of them can ship worldwide at an affordable cost. The depth and variety of their inventory are impressive, with wholesale items ranging from streetwear to athleisure to business casual.

Some vendors on the site even offer personalized design services. This is where you create a custom design and the supplier prints it on the clothing. If you’re looking to sell men’s sports clothing, you could consider stocking items that feature different sports teams’ logos and slogans. Made-in-China suppliers also list what sport the product is useful for.

Like a product? You can send an inquiry to the supplier specifying your purchase quantity. Plus, Made-in-China offers extra services you can take advantage of. These include an inspection certificate, company profile, and product specification. If you’re looking to purchase genuine Chinese-produced men’s apparel, this might be the perfect wholesale distributor for you.

4. Tbdresshop

Image of Tbdresshop website showing men’s clothes at cheap prices

Tbdresshop offers men’s fashion wholesale discounts that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. There are plenty of men’s clothing products on offer, and you can filter them by price range, seasons, material, and more. As opposed to other wholesale ecommerce websites, this platform does not require a minimum quantity of purchase. You can order a single piece if you like. 

In terms of discounts, you can expect the prices to be slashed by as much as 70%. And if you are not satisfied with the product you receive, you can ask the distributor to arrange a refund or exchange. Most requests are fulfilled within the 30 calendar days of their receipt.

5. FashionGo

Image of FashionGo wholesale site featuring exclusives and recommended vendors

FashionGo is a popular online hub known for selling a wide variety of wholesale fashion, especially men’s clothing. This platform is like a huge online mall, where retailers find all sorts of stylish pieces to fill their stores. FashionGo offers everything a guy might want, from casual graphic tees and laid-back jeans for everyday wear, to sharp suits for the office or special events. It even has athletic wear for workouts or active days, and cozy jackets for when the weather gets chilly.

What’s cool about FashionGo is it doesn’t just stick to one style. It brings together many different brands, making it easy for buyers to find a mix of clothing for men of all ages and tastes. Because it sells in bulk, its prices are low, and it always has the latest trends. Shops can then make sure they’re offering what guys want to wear, whether it’s going out with friends or hitting the gym.

6. Brandsgateway

Image of Brandsgateway wholesale site featuring items from Dolce & Gabbana

With a focus on luxury brands, Brandsgateway is a unique wholesale fashion retailer. Brandsgateway stocks high-end, designer men’s clothing, unlike other wholesale vendors that may offer a range of styles from various labels. Here, buyers find exclusive items like designer jeans, luxury watches, elegant suits, and high-quality leather goods from world-renowned brands, often at significantly discounted prices.

With Brandsgateway, you get more than just upscale inventory. Every item sold is authentic and of high quality, a crucial assurance when dealing with luxury goods. Additionally, it offers a global dropshipping service, which is not very common in the luxury market, enabling retailers to sell top-quality items without holding actual stock. Combined with its impressive selection of high-end men’s fashion and accessories, Brandsgateway is valuable resource for men’s retailers.

7. Paris Fashion Shops

Image of Paris Fashion Shops wholesale site featuring current favorite vendors

Paris Fashion Shops is a leading online wholesale marketplace known for its wide variety of men’s clothing. 

Its platform stands out due to its comprehensive selection of men’s apparel, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of Parisian style. Retailers exploring Paris Fashion Shops will find an impressive array of men’s clothing, from sleek suits perfect for formal affairs, to casual streetwear like graphic tees and joggers, all the way to essential accessories such as belts and scarves.

Paris Fashion Shops’ commitment to supporting smaller, independent brands alongside well-known ones sets it apart from other online wholesalers. Its ever-changing catalog appeals to a wide range of male consumers because the platform isn’t just a marketplace, but a hub for emerging talent. 

8. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central site showing list of men’s clothing vendors

Wholesale Central is a no-frills online directory that connects retailers directly with wholesalers and suppliers. It has a massive category dedicated to men’s fashion. 

Wholesale Central isn’t an ecommerce site; instead, it provides a list of suppliers you can contact and deal with directly. Its men’s clothing category is extensive, featuring a wide variety of apparel, ranging from basics like t-shirts and jeans to more niche items like sportswear, formal wear, and seasonal clothing.

9. FashionTIY

FashionTIY homepage featuring 70% off wholesale suppliers

FashionTIY is a noteworthy player in the online wholesale market, offering a variety of products, including a pretty good selection of men’s clothes. It’s all about giving small and medium-sized businesses easy access to trendy, affordable clothing.

Retailers can find everything from everyday basics like t-shirts and jeans to professional wear like suits and ties, as well as accessories such as belts, wallets, and sunglasses.

A big advantage of FashionTIY is that it keeps low factory-direct prices without a minimum order quantity. 

10. DHgate

DHGate showing wholesale mens products from brand BLCG LENCIA

The DHGate wholesale marketplace connects international buyers with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, including men’s fashion. From casual clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies to formal clothing such as suits and blazers, this platform has a wide selection of men’s clothing. A wide array of accessories, like hats, belts, and watches, are available from them.

DHGate stands out for its commitment to safe transactions and buyer protection. It’s also known for its competitive prices, making it appealing to smaller businesses and individual buyers because there’s no minimum order requirement or single-item purchase options.

Where can you find men’s wholesale clothing vendors?

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of purchasing men’s apparel wholesale, you might think that finding reliable wholesale distributors will be tough. Luckily, this is not the case. The rising popularity of the men’s clothing niche amongst retailers has made it easy to find quality wholesalers. 

Here are a few places you can search:

  • eBay: You probably think of eBay as a marketplace where apparel retailers list their products for sale. Spoiler alert: It’s also home to many clothing manufacturers and wholesalers. To find wholesale clothing for men, search for “men’s clothing wholesale lots” on the platform. 
  • Facebook Marketplace: If you are 18 years of age or older and reside in one of the following locations, you can access the Facebook marketplace to find men’s wholesale clothing distributors in your local community.
  • Local trade fairs: Trade fairs are events set up to connect wholesalers and buyers of a particular industry. Check out the Apparel & Garments events happening in your area to find domestic and even international suppliers for your business. 
  • Clothing markets: Visiting nearby wholesale apparel boutiques can also yield good results. Along with buying goods, going to boutiques lets you see which clothing is currently in fashion (shop owners often promote the latest trends through displays).

Benefits of buying wholesale men’s clothing 

Before opening your store, it is important to identify the best source for purchasing your inventory at a low cost. Ideally, you should try and find vendors who are selling wholesale men’s clothing online. 

Purchasing wholesale often means you are purchasing in bulk and sourcing products directly from the manufacturer. Unlike retail sourcing, where items pass through several hands before they get to you, you can buy high-quality men’s clothing at the lowest possible prices.

There are numerous benefits to sourcing wholesale clothing for men. Here are a few:

Purchase for less

When you buy wholesale, you’re able to avoid price markups that come as the items are switching hands. Plus, you may get special discounts on bulk purchases. This can increase your overall profitability, as you can buy products on the cheap and still sell them at a good price.

Secure good quality products

The majority of men’s clothing wholesale vendors purchase directly from the manufacturer and sell products without involving any middleman in the process. This means you get clothing that has not been tampered with after passing the manufacturer’s quality assurance tests.

Build up inventory

Men’s clothing wholesalers keep a large stock of various items for retailers. If you need more of a particular item, you can be sure of getting it to fulfill demand. Unlike women’s wholesale clothing distributors who often face difficulties in keeping enough stock of different apparel, menswear wholesalers are equipped with the resources to meet an unexpected surge in demand.

Buy with ease

Buying wholesale clothing for men is much more convenient than sourcing the same through retail. You don’t have to look for high-quality products or negotiate prices with wholesalers—you simply order what you need and the wholesale company ensures it supplies you with the best quality items at the lowest price. Plus, when you buy wholesale men’s apparel online, you save time you would have spent visiting brick-and-mortar stores for stock.

Buy wholesale men’s apparel for your store today

As you can see, there are plenty of wholesalers out there that allow aspiring entrepreneurs to create a men’s clothing brand. 

The important thing you need to do is to confirm if the supplier ships to your country. Also, make sure to compare shipping prices. You don’t want to pay shipping to a specific distributor, only to find out that another company is offering free shipping. That’s not a healthy business.

Placing a test order can also be a good idea. It will let you experience the customer service, shipping speed, and product quality the supplier is offering. Once you do this, you will identify wholesalers you can rely on to fulfill your inventory requirements. 

Wholesale men’s clothing vendors FAQ

How do I find direct clothing suppliers?

You can find a direct clothing supplier at industry trade shows or online directories specializing in wholesale men’s clothing. They should be reputable through reviews and their past clients. Contact manufacturers directly, clarify your needs, and discuss their ability to meet large orders and maintain quality.

Where can I buy clothes in bulk to sell online?

Purchasing clothes in bulk for online sales can be done through various wholesale marketplaces or by contacting manufacturers directly. Some popular marketplaces are Faire, FashionGo, Brandsgateway, and DHgate.

Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?

Yes, you can put your own label on wholesale clothing through a process called private labeling. To do this, you have to negotiate with a manufacturer to produce items branded under your label. Ensure your supplier understands your branding requirements and can produce or attach your labels.

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