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The Best-Converting Accelerated Checkout on the Internet (2023)

A seamless checkout process is essential for higher conversions and a better buying experience. That’s where Shop Pay comes in. Shop Pay, Shopify’s one-tap accelerated checkout, allows shoppers to speed through every purchase with their saved shipping and billing information. 

You can get Shop Pay for free by setting up Shopify Payments for your store. Shop Pay boosts conversion across multiple channels including your online store, in the Shop App, Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

An external study by a Big Three global management consulting company found that Shop Pay lifts conversions by up to 50% relative to guest checkout, and outpaces other accelerated checkouts by at least 10%. Even when it isn’t used by a buyer, the mere presence of Shop Pay increases lower funnel conversions by 5%.  Simply put, Shop Pay is the Internet’s best converting accelerated checkout.*

Shop Pay is the best converting accelerated checkout on the internet

Given the performance gains merchants get by using Shop Pay, it should come to nobody’s surprise that it’s the most used wallet on the Shopify platform in the United States as a share of Shopify’s online GMV, beating the next closest wallet by nearly 5%.

And Shop Pay is built to perform both on desktop and mobile checkouts. For brands like Juiced Bikes, this ensures checkouts are always speedy and delightful, regardless of which device shoppers use. 

“Shop Pay is definitely our most popular payment method. It’s a faster user experience and it’s all contained within the checkout flow so customers aren’t being redirected anywhere else,” says Marisa Delatorre, Juiced Bikes’ Director of Ecommerce.  “It’s even better if customers have an account already as the two factor authentication gets you checked out in no time.”

The power of Shop Pay goes beyond its one-tap checkout. It unlocks your brand’s potential to acquire, convert, and retain more customers.

Marisa Delatorre, Director of Ecommerce, Juiced Bikes

Why the world’s fastest growing brands choose Shop Pay

When you activate Shop Pay, you get the highest-converting accelerated checkout on the internet, as well as access to other powerful sales channels like the Shop app, payment methods like Shop Pay Installments, and protection against fraudulent chargebacks via Shopify Protect.**  

  • Shop app: The Shop app is a consumer-facing sales channel exclusive to Shopify merchants whose default payment is Shop Pay. When you activate Shop Pay, your products get in front of over 100 million global shoppers. Customer shipping and billing information is saved in their Shop account, so they get the same frictionless checkout experience when they purchase from you again—whether it’s on the Shop app or via your website.
  • Shop Pay Installments: Shop Pay Installments is Shopify’s native buy now, pay later (BNPL) solution that can increase average order values by up to 50%. By offering Shop Pay Installments at checkout, you can provide shoppers with flexible payment options, including interest-free payments or monthly installments up to 24 months.*** 
  • Shopify Protect: Shopify Protect is Shop Pay’s free, built-in chargeback protection available to US-based stores. It covers all eligible Shop Pay transactions against fraud-based chargebacks at no extra cost.**** Once you turn on Shop Pay, you can activate Shopify Protect and confidently fulfill your orders without the fear of incurring fraudulent chargeback fees.
  • Sign in with Shop: Sign in with Shop is a login method that lets customers easily log into your store using their saved passkeys or Shop credentials. With Shop’s sign-in features, your store can quickly identify Shop users and prompt them with a password-less login before they reach checkout. This lowers friction at checkout and lets shoppers complete purchases in one-tap without having to fill in any forms or additional details. In fact, merchants with sign-in with Shop enabled can see as much as 50% more store sign-ins from Shop Pay users. 

Turn on Shop Pay today

Your checkout is the most important surface in your buyer’s journey—whether it’s online or at your physical stores. While buyers will always behave differently when they shop in-store versus how they shop online, we’re working to close this gap with Shop Pay.

Once you turn on Shop Pay, you get access to powerful and exclusive capabilities that help you reach more high-intent buyers, increase your order values, and get protection against chargebacks.** 

Small tweaks can have a massive impact on your customer experience and bottom line. And now, there’s data to prove it’s a competitive liability to not use Shop Pay, the highest-converting accelerated checkout experience on the internet. 

*Based on an external study completed with a Big Three global management consulting firm in April 2023.

**Some features are available to merchants in the US only. Check our Help Center for feature availability and requirements. 

***Rates from 0-36% APR. For example, a shopper’s $800 purchase might cost $66.67/mo over 12 months at 0% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to eligibility and are provided by Affirm’s lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. More options may be available upon approval. State notices to consumers:

****Terms and conditions apply. Coverage applies to US stores only. Eligibility for protection requires fulfillment and a tracking number for each order within seven days of order receipt. Orders must be shipped using an approved carrier. Click here to view full terms and eligibility requirements.

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