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The Dos And Don’ts Of Selling Your Business

Marketing Podcast with David Barnett

David Barnett, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview David Barnett. David is an Author, Speaker, Educator, Consultant, and Business Buy/Sell Process Coach who works with people to help them prepare and sell their businesses privately or buy a business privately or via a business broker.

Questions I ask David Barnett:

  • [1:38] What are the steps someone needs to take to get their business ready to sell?
  • [3:57] If I’m that solo owner and I’ve been paying myself a nice salary and there’s maybe 10% profit at the end of it – is that considered cash flow or is that considered an expense of the business?
  • [6:34] Would you say that is very common for business owners to overvalue their business?
  • [8:56] What are some of the common ways that you’ve seen people structure deals?
  • [13:03] What do you think about the deals that are structured with certain targets and percentages?
  • [14:27] Are there some dos and don’ts when it comes to the transition once your business?
  • [15:47] Do you write clauses in for when new people come in and when people leave the business?
  • [18:54] What’s marketing look like for selling a business?
  • [20:48] Where can people learn more about you and your business?

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