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Unleash the Power of Your Business with Built for Shopify Apps (2023)

Hello, Shopify merchants! We understand that choosing the right app for your business can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve introduced the Built for Shopify (BFS) program, to guide you toward the best solutions for your store.

As you navigate the Shopify App Store, look for the Built for Shopify badge. This badge signifies that an app has met Shopify’s highest quality standards and can be found across all categories—from marketing tools to shipping solutions. To earn the badge, an app must excel in four key areas:

1. Trustworthy

Built for Shopify apps are developed by teams that handle your data with utmost care. These apps also uninstall cleanly, leaving no residual code behind, ensuring a seamless experience.

2. Fast

Speed is crucial for a smooth shopping experience. BFS apps are optimized for performance, ensuring they don’t slow down your storefront, and keep your customers happy.

3. Easy to use

Built for Shopify apps are designed with user friendliness in mind. They’re accessible, adaptive, and integrated right into your Shopify admin, making them easy to use and manage.

4. Useful

We measure an app’s usefulness by its install rates, review ratings, and a proven track record of helping businesses succeed. BFS apps deliver tangible value to your store.

There’s an app out there for every business requirement. Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, design your store, source products, manage orders and shipping, sell products, or optimize store management, there’s a BFS app for you.

Marketing and conversion: Built for Shopify apps offer solutions for everything from SEO to recovering abandoned carts.

Store design: Enhance your store’s look and feel with BFS apps for product reviews, store announcements, and cookie permission requests.

Finding products: Source the best products for your store with the help of top-tier BFS apps.

Orders and shipping: Simplify your shipping and returns process.

Selling products: Whether you’re selling gift cards, booking appointments, or aiming to convert more customers, BFS apps have got you covered.

Store management: Optimize your operations, from generating SKUs to managing data.

Need help picking the right apps for your business? Learn how to choose.

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Stay tuned for more updates, and happy selling!

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