When Should You Publish a Press Release?

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Not all news is news. In the fast-paced world of business, every milestone and achievement can feel like a reason to shout from the mountain tops. After all, your hard work and dedication should be celebrated, right? While it’s essential to recognize your accomplishments, it’s equally crucial to understand that not all news is newsworthy in the eyes of journalists and the media.

So, when should you send a press release? Let’s dive into the key moments when publishing a press release is not only appropriate but highly effective.

The Launch of Your Business

Your business is like your baby, and its birth deserves a celebration! Whether you’re starting a new venture from scratch or taking an existing business to new heights, a press release is a fantastic way to announce your presence in the market. It provides you with the opportunity to introduce your mission, vision, and unique selling points to the world.

Celebrating a New Location or Anniversary

Expanding your operations to a new location or marking a significant anniversary is a momentous occasion. It not only demonstrates growth and longevity but also showcases your commitment to serving your customers. Journalists may be interested in covering your expansion story, especially if it involves new job opportunities or community impact.

Recognition Through Awards

When your employees, leadership team, or the company as a whole receive an award or special recognition, it’s an excellent reason to send out a press release. Awards reflect excellence and expertise, making them newsworthy and valuable for your brand’s credibility.

Launching a New Product or Collaboration

Product launches are classic press release material. Whether you’re unveiling an innovative product that will revolutionize your industry or entering into a strategic collaboration with another business, a press release can generate buzz and curiosity. The press release is your opportunity to highlight the unique features and benefits that set your product or partnership apart. Launching that product with another business? Consider writing a joint press release to highlight your mutual contributions.

Hosting an Event (In-Person or Virtual)

Events are excellent opportunities for press releases, whether they’re in-person or virtual. These can include grand openings, product launches, webinars, conferences, or fundraisers. A press release will inform the media, potential attendees, and sponsors about the event’s purpose, date, location, and highlights. You can also leverage the press release for post-event buzz. Include event highlights, images, attendance numbers, and quotes from participants. 

Releasing New Research 

If your company conducts industry-specific research, this information can be press release gold! In your release, share highlights from your findings as well as how journalists can gain access to the full research. Research findings can position your business as an industry thought leader and attract attention from journalists and experts seeking authoritative content.

Announcing a Philanthropic Partnership or Fund 

If your business is committed to giving back to the community or supporting charitable causes, a press release can shine a spotlight on your philanthropic efforts. Be careful that the release doesn’t read as too self-serving. Include details about your charitable partner, the impact you hope to achieve together, and how others can get involved or contribute. This is another instance where a joint release may be the best way to communicate the information.

Key Takeaways

Not every piece of news is worthy of a press release, but when you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above, don’t hesitate to draft a compelling press release. Ensure that your press release is well-written, concise, and includes all the necessary information to capture the interest of journalists and your target audience.

When used strategically, press releases can help your business gain valuable media coverage, increase brand visibility, and achieve its communication goals. Remember, the key is to provide news that is genuinely newsworthy and relevant to your industry and audience.

Andrea J. Sok

Andrea J. Sok is the Founder and CEO of Sok Influencer PR. She brings more than 15 years of experience in marketing and communications from a career that has taken her around the world seeking great stories and sharing them in new and different ways. Andrea’s foundation is in journalism- storytelling across print and broadcast media before eventually transitioning to the nonprofit sector designing national and global campaigns.
In her work at Sok Influencer PR, Andrea embraces new mediums to reach untapped audiences and deliver the most value to her clients. The media landscape has drastically changed in the last decade which is why Andrea developed the Influencer PR™ method to help small businesses, startups, and nonprofits craft their message and find the best voices and vehicles to deliver it authentically.

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