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Aubrey Plaza mouths angry phrase during ‘White Lotus’ SAGs speech


An “annoyed” Aubrey Plaza was caught angrily talking to herself after the “White Lotus” cast won the 2023 SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series.

During Sunday’s award ceremony, the cast reunited on stage to accept the last award of the night with F. Murray Abraham giving their acceptance speech.

However, as the “Parks and Rec” alum stood next to Meghann Fahy, Theo James, and Will Sharpe, Jon Gries could be seen grabbing her by the arm and whispering into her ear.

The actor — who played Greg, Jennifer Coolidge’s villainous husband on the hit HBO series — seemingly pointed out that she was about to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, which caused her to promptly adjust her dress before turning back to Abraham.

Aubrey Plaza on stage at the SAG Awards.
Aubrey Plaza seemed to be irked about something while onstage at the SAG Awards.

But as the actor, 83, sent “a prayer out to the earthquake victims of Syria and Turkey and a prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia,” he suddenly shouted “Union forever!” which had the crowd cheering.

Plaza, 38, then watched as the cast congratulated each other before seemingly mouthing “Jesus Christ.” However, it wasn’t clear if her reaction was to Abraham’s speech, Grier pointing out her underboob or another situation.

Along with Sharpe, she was one of the first actors to leave the stage after the big win.

The cast of "White Lotus" on stage at the SAG Awards.
F. Murray Abraham spoke on behalf of the “White Lotus” cast.
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Following the moment, Twitter users were quick to pick up on the actress’ mood.

“What was she annoyed about?” one person questioned while another one asked, “why was aubrey plaza so mad to win for white lotus? #SAGAwards”

A third person pointed out, “On another note, did anyone notice Aubrey Plaza? She seemed REALLY pissed off… there was something real odd about her on stage with the White Lotus team. She even exited the stage quick and alone rather than staying with the cast.”

And a fourth commented, “Ok soooo what is going on with Aubrey Plaza and the rest of the White Lotus cast? She looked like she haaaaated being up there and immediately ran off stage while everyone in the cast was congratulating and hugging each other #SAGAwards”

Amid the social media rumblings, a rep for Plaza did not reply to Page Six for comment.

The cast of "White Lotus" at the SAG Awards.
The “White Lotus” cast won Best Ensemble for a Drama Series at the SAG Awards.
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The “Emily the Criminal” star had also appeared on stage earlier along with the “Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega to poke fun at their resemblance.

Jennifer Coolidge also scored a win for “The White Lotus” when she took home the Actor for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series.

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