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Celebrity eyebrow expert shares shaping tips, tricks, must-haves

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Celebrities’ eyebrows are constantly in the public eye.

So to keep them in tip-top shape, they turn to experts like Sania Vucetaj, who’s worked on the arches of everyone from Camila Cabello to Rihanna — the latter of whom she once met backstage at an awards show.

“As with many other people, she had [her brows] a little over-tweezed, so I was showing her where they should start, where they should grow in,” the Sania’s Brow Bar founder tells Page Six Style of meeting the star years before she launched Fenty Beauty.

“She was like, ‘It’s good to know ,because I can actually tweeze them myself as I’m traveling,’” Vucetaj recalls. “She was so willing to take it in.”

As for the tips and tricks she used on the Bad Gal? The same strategies she shares with all the clients at her New York-based salons, where she now offers her own line of products and espouses a “less is more” approach to brow care.

Kourtney Kardashian in a purple dress and hoop earrings
Kourtney Kardashian has worn the Sania’s Brow Bar pencil.
Sania’s Brow Bar/Instagram

“Excessive following [of] trends is the biggest problem … starting with the microblading down to the lamination down to the brow dying, all of these things people are doing today are very harsh on the brow follicle,” says Vucetaj, who also calls brow gels “single-handedly the most damaging thing for your brows.”

Instead, the beauty pro recommends “treating your brows like you’d treat your hair” and focusing on keeping all skincare and makeup products — which she says “[inhibit] growth” — away from the brow area. (“Can you imagine putting your moisturizer, your sunscreen, all of these things that we’re getting in our skin onto your scalp?” she asks.)

To help “create a barrier for yourself” and protect your brows, Vucetaj suggests starting your makeup routine by lining your arches with a pencil like her Sania’s Brow Bar Mechanical Brow Pencil ($30) — a star-approved product used by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Zendaya, Cindy Crawford and Behati Prinsloo over the years.

A gold brow pencil
Sania’s Brow Bar/Revolve

Sania’s Brow Bar Mechanical Brow Pencil ($30)

As for the rest of the expert’s brow care must-haves? The Slant Tip Tweezers ($25), Precision Blade Scissors ($28) and her new Brow Shampoo ($38), which she says “cleanses” and helps “control flakiness.”

To cover up hairs that grow back between brow appointments, she recommends using a nude-hued powder eyeshadow, like the shades in the cult-favorite Urban Decay Naked3 Palette ($59).

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But beyond using her go-to brow pencils and products, plenty of stars have long been penciling down Vucetaj’s advice, so to speak — including Sarah Jessica Parker.

“She says that her brows over the years were kind of overdone on set, so [she was] trying to get them back and, you know, shift to keep the products off,” recalls Vucetaj, saying the “Sex and the City” star has been “just so lovely over the years.” 

Sania Vucetaj boasts over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Sania’s Brow Bar

Her clients have also included Lea Michele, “Sports Illustrated” model Brooks Nader and Olivia Culpo, the latter of whom first sought Vucetaj’s services prior to becoming Miss Universe.

“I kind of guided [her on] how to grow them in,” Vucetaj says of shaping Culpo’s now-famous brows prior to her pageant appearances, adding that she “knew as soon as [Culpo] walked in” that she’d end up taking the Miss Universe crown.

But while she’s worked with pageant queens and Hollywood royalty alike — and counts Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez’s “universal full [brow] shape” as an inspiration — Vucetaj remains just as committed to helping her everyday clients keep their arches looking flawless.

Olivia Culpo on stage being crowned Miss. Universe
Vucetaj shaped Olivia Culpo’s brows prior to her big pageant win at Miss Universe.

“Celebrities have a world of travel and different hands on them,” she says. “So our clients that come every four to six weeks religiously are the ones that really kept us [booked], especially during the pandemic. So that’s been the most amazing thing.”

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