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Drew Barrymore’s therapist quit after concerns over her post-divorce drinking

Drew Barrymore’s post-divorce drinking got so intense that even her therapist couldn’t handle it.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, the “Drew Barrymore Show” host said she found herself reaching for the bottle so often after calling it quits with Will Kopelman that she sought professional help from therapist Barry Michels.

That is until he eventually quit on her.

“He just said, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’” she recalled. “It was really about my drinking. I said, ‘I get it. I’ve never respected you more. You see I’m not getting better. And I hope, one day, that I can earn your trust back.’”

The actress said she began drinking after feeling that she failed to give her two daughters Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, a unified family.

Barrymore, 48, began to spiral, and some of her closest pals — including actress Cameron Diaz — called the situation “difficult to watch.”

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore’s friend Cameron Diaz called her drinking problem situation “difficult to watch.”

“But I knew that if we all stuck with her and gave her the support she needed, she would find her way,” Diaz told the outlet. “I have absolute faith in her. You can’t even comprehend how hard it was to be her as a child, and then she shot out the other end with the ability to save herself.”

Barrymore was married to Kopelman from 2012 until 2016. The former couple now co-parent their two daughters.

The “50 First Dates” actress said that even though her friends and her therapist called her out on the excessive drinking, it wasn’t until 2019 that she was finally able to reel it in.

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman were married from 2012 until 2016.
Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman were married from 2012 until 2016.

“I think the opportunity at a show like this really hit me,” she said, revealing she decided to stop with the booze after filming the first episode of her show. “I was like, ‘I can’t handle this unless I’m in a really clear place.’”

Barrymore got back in touch with Michels two years after he stopped working with her, and resumed their professional relationship.

“You seem to be so inspired by everybody else, but you treat yourself like s—,” Barrymore said of herself. “When are you going to be enough for yourself?”

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman share two kids together that they co-parent.
Barrymore and Kopelman share two kids together.

Admitting she’s still wrestling with “a lot of stuff” — including how and when to tell her children about her tumultuous history with alcohol and substance abuse, Barrymore remains hopeful for the future.

“I realized that just with me and my girls, I am truly happy,” she said. “I’d always thought I’d be on this hamster wheel for this whole life. But maybe there will be something different before the lights go out.”

Barrymore was also previously married to Tom Green from 2001 to 2002 and Jeremy Thomas from 1994 to 1995.

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