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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Acquire New Customers

Customer acquisition is an expensive necessity for businesses. So, reaching new customers—at a cost that doesn’t deplete your marketing budget—is essential for growth.

Cost-effective customer acquisition comes down to targeting the right audiences, prioritizing the right channels for your business, and leveraging automation at key points in the funnel.

Domino’s, for instance, used Twilio Segment to reach high-value customers and decrease their customer acquisition costs by 65%.

Check out Twilio Segment’s guide for 5 tried-and-true customer acquisition campaigns and step-by-step templates on how to set up and implement them.

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Chili's Brian McKnight

Is That Brian McKnight?

As Pam from The Office once said, “I feel Brian McKnight in this Chili’s tonight.” Or something like that. The R&B singer finds a new life as a Chili’s waiter in this spot, featuring remixed lyrics to his hit “Back at One” to promote the restaurant’s 3-for-Me deal.

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