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Four new Apple Search Ad placement options

Apple now has four new options for advertisers to drive visibility and downloads in the App Store. The new placements are:

  • Today tab
  • Search tab
  • Search results
  • Product pages — while browsing

The Today tab. The Today tab lets you reach people with high-impact creative on the front page of the App Store. The ad creative for the Today tab placements are based on a custom product page you set up in App Store Connect, and must be approved for advertising before your ad can run.

Search tab. Ads on this tab let you reach users before they search for something specific, with an ad that appears prominently at the top of the suggested apps list on the Search tab.

Search results ads. These let you reach users when they search for something specific, with an ad at the top of relevant search results. To match your ad with potential customers’ search terms, you can choose your own keywords or use the ones that Apple suggests. Matching is based on a direct signal of customers’ intent — their search query.

Product pages – while browsing. These ads let you reach people while they browse apps on relevant pages across the App Store, whether their journey started on the App Store or from an outside link. When interested users have scrolled to the bottom of relevant product pages, ads appear at the top of the You Might Also Like list.

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How ads are created. Apple ads are created using the metadata and assets you upload in App Store Connect. Search tab and product page ads feature app name, icon, and subtitle. Today tab ads are created using a custom product page you set up in App Store Connect. For search results ads, you can create a default ad that’s based on your app’s product page, or you can create ad variations from custom product pages you set up in App Store Connect.

Why we care. Advertisers who run ads on Apple Search now have four options to showcase their product or app in the App Store. Like with any new platform or product, advertisers should test the different placement options and compare performance to determine the best options for their business.

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