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Gwyneth Paltrow reveals the ‘weirdest’ wellness trend she’s tried

Gwyneth Paltrow has done some wacky things in the name of wellness, but the “weirdest” one apparently involved her rectum.

During an appearance on “The Art of Being Well” podcast, the Goop founder revealed she has “used ozone therapy rectally.”

“It’s pretty weird but it’s been very helpful,” she said with a laugh.

According to Healthline, “Ozone therapy refers to the process of administering ozone gas into your body to treat a disease or wound.”

However, the process is not regulated and in 2019, the FDA claimed it was “a toxic gas with no known useful medical application.”

Gwyneth Paltrow on a podcast.
Paltrow claims the “weird” procedure has “been very helpful.”

Paltrow went on to break down her daily wellness routine with host Will Cole — all while administering herself an IV.

“I love an IV, I’m an early IV adopter,” she said, noting that she specifically loves Glutathione and Phosphatidylcholine.

“They’re quite hard to find, and those make me feel so good.”

Aside from her morning IVs, Paltrow says she practices intermittent fasting until around noon when she finally eats something “that won’t spike [her] blood sugar” — like soup or bone broth.

The Oscar-winner then gets in “one hour of movement” from pilates or walking before starting her post-workout routine.

After dry brushing in her infrared sauna for 30 minutes, Paltrow has a paleo dinner with “lots of vegetables” to “support [her] detox.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow
The “Avengers” actress was slammed online for sharing her “out of touch” daily routine — which includes intermittent fasting and morning IVs.

Although the “Iron Man” actress seemed nonchalant while explaining her day-to-day routine, TikTok users slammed her for coming across so “out of touch.”

“Is starving wellness?” one user asked, while another added, “What is she detoxing? Black coffee, bone broth and vegetables?”

“Ugh! I’m so glad I am not a celeb and live in this unrealistic world of a Home Spa and Trainers and Bone Broth … Hard Pass!” a third commented, adding “Live Life and Eat!”

The 50-year-old actress received the same response back in January after she shared a recipe for a salmon “detox” salad online.

“She’s always detoxing/resetting what she eats,” one person said at the time. “It feels obsessive. It also appears like disordered eating. It appears unhealthy.”

Over the years, Paltrow has found herself in hot water for promoting strange wellness trends — typically involving the female anatomy.

Gywneth Paltrow on a boat.
The 50-year-old’s wacky wellness routines have made headlines for years.

In 2015, she faced backlash for promoting vaginal steaming, despite doctors saying there is “zero medical evidence” to support the strange habit.

Then, three years later, the “Avengers” actress was dragged for hawking vaginal jade eggs, which ended up being harmful.

And yet, one of her most shocking moments was when her wellness brand released a $75 vagina-scented candle in January 2020, which Paltrow later revealed doesn’t actually smell like her lady bits.

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