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Heather Gay is ‘thirsty’ for black eye mystery

If you can’t take the truth, sue her!

Margaret Josephs believes Heather Gay is a bit “thirsty” for hiding the truth behind her black eye on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” 

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, 55, and her business partner, Lexi Doll — who recently launched a mocktail line called Soirée — shared their take on Gay’s headline-making injury in an exclusive sit-down with Page Six. 

“Thirsty! That is unacceptable, thirsty behavior,” Josephs said. “I’m sorry.”

Doll then quipped, “Oh my God, that was dehydrated!”

Last month, Gay, 40, claimed that she had no idea how she got her infamous black eye, which she debuted during a cast trip to San Diego in Season 3 of “RHOSLC.” 

Lexi Doll, Margaret Josephs, Evan Real and Danny Murphy
Lexi Doll and Margaret Josephs stopped by Page Six’s New York City headquarters to chat about their new Soirée mocktail line.
Page Six

The “Bad Mormon” author’s story changed several times throughout filming, sometimes even implying that a cast member socked her square in the face. For his part, Andy Cohen thinks Gay’s now-jailed bestie Jen Shah is responsible for the shiner — but it still remains a mystery. 

“Oh my God. And we still don’t know,” Josephs told us. “What’d she say? ‘Oh, I fell. I don’t know.’” 

It should be noted that she and Doll didn’t come for Gay unprompted. The light shade occurred during a game of “Soirée or Thirsty,” where they were asked to give their opinions on “Real Housewives” scenarios and declare them either fun and fabulous or ostentatious. 

Heather Gay with a black eye
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and her business partner believe Heather Gay is a bit “thirsty” for hiding the truth behind her infamous black eye.

Kenya Moore’s decision to infiltrate Marlo Hampton’s wig party with a full marching band on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”? Totally “thirsty,” according to Josephs. 

“I’m sorry. I love Kenya, but that’s thirsty,” she asserted. “That was thirsty.”

Meanwhile, the duo said Lisa Rinna’s performance on the last season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was so “Soirée.” 

“I think she’s a very good ‘Housewife,’” Josephs said of the polarizing reality star, 59, who announced her departure from “RHOBH” in January. “Soirée to the Rinna!”

When Josephs and Doll aren’t keeping up with what’s going on in the Bravo-verse, they are fully focused on the success of their new non-alcoholic sparkling beverage, which comes in four distinct flavors: The Coco Colada, The Teajito, The Marge-a-Rita and The Cool Breeze. 

“It’s nine grams of sugar only, it’s naturally sweetened, it’s all real juice and the whole thing is only 45 calories for 12 ounces,” Josephs raved of Soirée. “You can sip or spike it and that’s the beautiful thing about this.”

Lexi Doll and Margaret Josephs
The light shade came during a game of “Soirée or Thirsty” with Page Six.
Page Six

She continued, “We want everybody to feel a part of the party because I don’t drink. I’m on a show that’s known for drinking. My girls love to cocktail it up, but I like to mocktail it up.”

Doll, who Josephs considers a “sister” more than a friend, is among those in her circle who like to imbibe. 

“I like to be a cocktail queen, [Josephs is] a mocktail queen,” she notes, encouraging consumers to pair the Marge-a-Rita with tequila or the Cool Breeze with gin. “It’s perfect.” 

Margaret Josephs
“I’m on a show that’s known for drinking,” Josephs told Page Six. “My girls love to cocktail it up, but I like to mocktail it up.”

However, Soirée was directly inspired by Josephs’ aversion to alcohol. 

“I don’t have an issue with alcohol. I’ve never had an issue with drinking. Growing up with [my mother], Marge Sr., she was a little bit of a drinker, so that turned me off,” she explained. “And then when I wanted to have a drink, I would get horrible headaches. That’s really where Soirée came out of.” 

The entrepreneur elaborated, “I’m a natural party anyway. I really don’t need to drink. And being on the show and everything else, I want to remember everything. I want to stay lucid. I don’t need liquid courage. I have too much courage as it is!” 

Soiree mocktails
Doll and Josephs’ non-alcoholic sparkling beverage — which you can sip or spike — was inspired by the latter’s aversion to alcohol.

Doll feels the venture is “so authentic” to her and Josephs. “The longest time we’ve partied together and I’ve been able to order the most fun things and poor Marge is sipping on an iced tea,” she said. “So it was time to do something so that everyone could party together.”

Doll, a native of Manchester, England, met Josephs more than a decade ago in New York City at a trade show when the latter was promoting her Macbeth Collection fashion business. 

“It truly was like love at first sight … it was a vision,” recounted Doll. “It was in her trade show booth in New York surrounded by prints and patterns — exactly like you see the house was exactly the vision of the Marge: boobs, pigtails and lashes, exactly who she is today.”

Margaret Josephs and Lexi Doll
Josephs and Doll met more than a decade ago — and have been inseparable ever since.

Josephs acknowledged an instant connection with Doll and the two have been inseparable ever since, navigating major life milestones together. Today, Doll — a single mother in the midst of a separation from her husband — lives with Josephs and the TV personality’s spouse, Joe Benigno, at their Garden State manse. 

“I met Lexi and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this girl’s the thinner, taller, blonder, British version of me. And she’s so adorable, she must come work for me!’” Josephs told us. 

“She immediately became part of the family, traveled with us, literally did every single thing with us. I mean, Joe had given Lexi away at her wedding. I couldn’t be me without Lexi. She has changed my life.” 

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

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