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It’s ‘sad’ Melissa ‘lies’ to make Teresa look bad

Don’t mess with the dorters.

Gia Giudice accused a “sad” Melissa Gorga of lying to make her mom, Teresa Giudice, “look bad.”

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Teresa sat down with her two oldest daughters — Gia, 22, and Gabriella, 19 — and her fiancé, Luis Ruelas, to talk about her explosive fight with Gorga, which aired last week.

At the time, Melissa had accused her sister-in-law of deliberately sitting the entire Gorga clan at a non-family table at her engagement party. Teresa vehemently denied her accusations.

Teresa even told them that, as a way to rectify the situation, she asked Melissa to be a bridesmaid after publicly announcing she hadn’t made the cut one month prior.

A screenshot of Teresa Giudice talking on "RHONJ"
The “RHONJ” OG insinuated that she wasn’t thrilled with comments Melissa and Joe made on her podcast.

“I wish you never asked her that because I mean, not for nothing, you’re still upset with the fact that she said that she was there for us,” Gia told her mom.

Back in May 2022, Melissa claimed that she and Joe were to thank for them landing the three-part special, “Teresa Checks In,” that chronicled the Giudices’ lives amid her 11-month prison stint in 2015.

A screenshot of Melissa Gorga talking on "RHONJ"
Melissa claimed they “jumped in” to help out while Teresa went to prison in 2015.

“Joe [Giudice] needed to make money on that show and he needed someone to film with, and here we were that jumped in,” Melissa said at the time on her “On Display” podcast, with Joe Gorga adding that Teresa’s daughters “would not still be living in that house and have food” if they hadn’t stepped in.

“The only times we really saw them was when we were on camera together,” Gia claimed in a confessional. “I really can’t remember any other time when I saw them.”

A screenshot of Gabriella Giudice talking on "RHONJ"
Gabriella chimed in that she found her godmother’s comments “hurtful.”

Gabriella dubbed Melissa and Joe’s claims as “hurtful” because that was a “sensitive time.”

“Especially when it’s not true,” Gabriella added. “Credit shouldn’t be given where it’s not earned. That affects me directly, so it’s something that I take to heart.”

A photo of Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga posing together at a baseball game
Joe went as far to say that Teresa’s kids “wouldn’t eat food” without their support in 2015,
Getty Images

A photo of Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga sitting together on a couch
Joe later defended his and his wife’s comments on Tuesday’s episode.
Teresa Giudice/Instagram


Ruelas also took the moment to call out his brother-in-law, Joe, for going “down this road to hurt” Teresa.

“Because it is sad, it’s disgusting,” Ruelas continued. “I’m so sorry that you’re treated this way, and I cannot take watching this man be like this and act like ‘Dude, you don’t think I see you? I see you a mile away.’”

A photo of Teresa Giudice posing on the beach with her four daughters
“You guys would come see me every week, and you would tell me who was there for me,” Teresa said.

Gia claimed that Melissa made her podcast comments to “look like a good aunt.”
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images


Both Teresa and Gia teared up while acknowledging how “sad” the falling out is considering that Joe is the only immediate family member they have left.

“Like at this point, it’s kind of like the trains gotta stop,” Gia said while Teresa and Luis agreed.

Gia – who previously had a close relationship with her uncle – teared up while talking about how “sad” the situation was.
Getty Images

A photo of Gia Giudice, Teresa Giudice, and Luis Ruelas posing for a photo at a baseball game
Gia insinuated that their relationship with the Gorgas may have to come to an end.
Getty Images


An old photo from 2011 of Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice, Gia Giudice, Joe Gorga and Melissa GOrga posing together at an event
Gia denied the Gorgas’ claims that they helped out her family while her mom served an 11-month prison sentence.


As fans know, the two families will only continue to feud throughout the season which ultimately leads to the Gorgas deciding to not attend Teresa and Ruelas’ wedding.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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