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Jennifer Aydin mocks Rachel Fuda’s ‘terrible nose job’

Jennifer Aydin called out Rachel Fuda’s “terrible nose job” during an intense screaming match that aired on Tuesday’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

It all went down during Teresa Giudice’s housewarming party, when Aydin, 45, confronted Fuda, 31, in front of their stunned co-stars.

“I called [Rachel] up and I said, ‘I’m sorry that I spoke about your nose job,’” Aydin recalled to the group. “People bad-mouth me about my terrible nose job. I felt bad about your terrible nose job, and I just felt bad. I was calling to apologize.”

A screenshot of Jennifer Aydin talking on "RHONJ"
During a previous group event, Aydin threw some subtle shade at Fuda’s nose job.

Earlier in the episode, a flashback showed Aydin – who has previously admitted to being “not happy” with her “wackadoo” nose job – asking Fuda about her nose, and if it was still swelling from the procedure during a group mozzarella party (Fuda got the nose job in 2019).

“So we leave the mozz party, she calls me [and] she’s like, ‘Hey, I hope I didn’t offend you by, like, bringing up your nose job. You know I’m just like not really happy with my results,’” Fuda told friend Jennifer Fessler during a one-on-one lunch.

A screenshot of Rachel Fuda talking on "RHONJ"
Fuda claimed that she wasn’t offended by Aydin’s comment about her nose, but instead she didn’t like the way she talked about co-star Dolores Catania.

Fuda claimed that the call quickly turned into Aydin “s–t talking” Dolores Catania, which she alleged she was “not a part of.”

The conversation left Fuda feeling uneasy, and she later confronted Aydin at Giudice’s housewarming party.

“You had started talking s–t [about Catania], and what did I say to you? You said, ‘I’m giving context,’ and I said, ‘Jennifer, don’t get me involved,’” Fuda said.

A screenshot of Jennifer Aydin talking on "RHONJ"
Aydin denied “s–t talking” Catania to Fuda.
A screenshot of Rachel Fuda talking on "RHONJ"
Fuda claimed that she immediately shut down Aydin’s conversation and told her she didn’t want to get “involved.”

Aydin strongly disagreed with Fuda’s statement and doubled down that she was just telling her the “history” that led to her falling out with Catania, 52, last season. However, that only fired up Fuda even more – leading both women to scream at each other at the top of their lungs.

“You f–king idiot!” Aydin shouted at Fuda, who clapped back saying, “Watch your f–king mouth” and “do not call me an idiot.”

A screenshot of Jennifer Aydin and Rachel Fuda arguing on "RHONJ"
“Watch your f–king mouth, do not call me an idiot!” Fuda clapped back at Aydin – who then called her a “f–king idiot” again.

“F–king idiot,” Aydin repeated.

Catania and Margaret Josephs both encouraged Aydin to calm down, while Catania wanted to understand why she had called Fuda to “talk about her” in the first place.

“I’m offended,” Catania told her on-again, off-again friend. “I don’t like that you did that. I’m not calling and talking about you and Bill [Aydin]!”

A screenshot of Dolores Catania talking on a "RHONJ" confessional
Meanwhile, Catania was more interested in what Aydin was saying about her.

Aydin defended herself by saying that everyone in the group talks after “s–t goes down” at group events.

“I know her, she would never tell you to take sides. She’s not like that,” Giudice, 50, said while Josephs, 55, held her entire mouth open in shock.

Fuda clarified that Aydin “wasn’t telling me to take sides,” but it was still a conversation that she did not want “to be a part of.”

A screenshot of Jennifer Aydin and Rachel Fuda screaming at each other on "RHONJ"
The screaming match eventually ended with Fuda fleeing the scene.

“You want a medal? That’s good! Somebody give her a medal!” Aydin sarcastically replied.

The comment seemingly sent Fuda over the edge as she grabbed her husband, John Fuda, and began to leave Giudice’s backyard.

“Keep it moving, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!” Aydin exclaimed, to which Rachel snapped back, “There’s no door a–hole!”

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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