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Lady Anne Glenconner thinks Charles is happy being King

King Charles may have got off to a bumpy start as the reigning monarch, what with the ongoing Megxit scandal and a mixed reaction from his new subjects.

But a longtime pal of the his Royal Highness says he’s enjoying his long awaited time on the throne.

Appearing at the 92nd Street Y this week, Lady Anne Glenconner, longtime confident of the late Princess Margaret, said she caught up with King Charles on New Year’s Day and that he gave the gig the royal thumbs up.

An audience member tells us that Glenconner revealed that Charles is “very happy being king.”

She added, “I think he’ll be a marvelous king… he’s very sympathetic to people.”

Some of the people in question seem to disagree.

While Charles III has enjoyed good approval ratings, he has faced some vocal opposition. Just last week he was taunted by his-not-so-loyal subjects while visiting Milton Keynes, a small city about an hour from London. Some critics chanted “Not my king!” as he walked through a public area.

While promoting her new book “Whatever Next: Lessons from an Unexpected Life” Glenconner also she’d told him that she’d like an invitation to his coronation in May.

If Glenconner, age 90, does get the invitation, she will be the rare person to have attended Queen Elizabeth’s coronation back in 1953 — when she served as a maid of honor — as well as the new king’s. 

The socialite-turned-author, who served as Princess Margaret’s Extra Lady-in-Waiting from the 1971 to her death in 2002, also commented on the hit TV show the “Crown,” which portrays the royal family.

Lady Anne Glenconner
Glenconner served as a maid of honor at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.
PA Images via Getty Images

“Claire Foy was brilliant as the Queen, she was the best queen,” Glenconner said, comparing her to actresses including Olivia Coleman who have portray Elizabeth II at various point in her long life. b

But she noted that she felt the portrayal of Margaret as a hell-raising tearaway wasn’t fair. 

“I’ve always been told that people in America think it’s absolutely gospel, but there’s a grain of truth in it,” she said. “When it started, it was rather good, we all thought, ‘This is going to be good,’ but the writer [sic] went off piste.” 

Glenconner’s first book “Lady in Waiting,” was about her relationship with Margaret.

King Charles
King Charles’ coronation will take place in May at Westminster Abbey.
Getty Images

The new book also covers the royals, as well as her relationship with her abusive husband, Colin Tennant, who shattered her ear drum, causing her to lose her hearing in one ear.

“I sort of hinted at the domestic abuse in the first book but I felt I really had to talk about it in this book properly,” she told The Daily Beast.

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