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Which “Link in Bio” Platform Should You Use?

If you’re using a social media landing page to funnel your followers to a list of links (#linkinbio) instead of a custom website, you should consider how it may be affecting your visibility in search results.

Search Engine Land compiled a comparison matrix to rank popular platforms from an SEO perspective. Those that ranked highest allow users to add “follow” links, use short and customizable URLs, have a large number of indexed pages, and limit interference from Javascript-dependent links and Robots.txt.

According to this matrix, the Top 10 link-in-bio platforms are:

Check out Search Engine Land for the full assessment.

TikTok Keyword Insights

TikTok has introduced a new research tool called Keyword Insights, housed in its Creative Center, which allows marketers to discover keywords and phrases that have performed well in real ad campaigns and then watch those ads to analyze how the magic is made.

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