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Meghan King slams Jim Edmonds over alleged verbal abuse

Meghan King is fighting back against the alleged verbal abuse she claims her ex-husband Jim Edmonds “spews” at her on a constant basis.

“He makes fun of the way I look, he harasses me … Almost every message — I would say 90 percent — has verbal abuse in it,” the “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum, 38, claims to Page Six.

King adds that she felt “disgusted” when her ex recently accused her of leaving their kids with a nanny in order to go to what he called a “narcissism retreat” — and notes it’s another way for him to further disparage her in the public eye.

“It perpetuates this chauvinistic misogyny,” the blogger says. “I am solidifying myself as an entrepreneur. I launched my first retreat, Gaia Haven Wellness, and it was a massive success.”

She continues, “I have the ability — and I did – change so many individual lives; women left feeling empowered with life-long friends and with tools that they can take with them home to improve their daily lives.”

Meghan King hugging Jim Edmonds.
Edmonds and King were married for five years, but split following cheating allegations.

King denies Edmonds’ claims that she made these plans “last minute,” claiming she sent an email to the former MLB pro, 52, on Nov. 30, 2022, about the retreat.

“I said, ‘If you would like the children, please take them.’ He never responded,” the reality TV alum alleges.

She then claims that it wasn’t until 9 p.m. the night prior to her trip that Edmonds allegedly told her, “Fine, I’ll take the kids,” but she explained, “It was too late. They need to stay with my nanny. This is ridiculous.”

Meghan King overlooking a body of water.
King claims she told Edmonds about her wellness retreat months ago.

Meghan King speaking at her retreat.
She says he “never responded” to her messages.


A photo from Meghan King's retreat.
King adds that Gaia Haven Wellness is her “company.”


“He tried to ruin my trip,” King, who shares 6-year-old daughter Aspen and 4-year-old twins, Hart and Hayes, with Edmond, says. “This is textbook behavior of a narcissist.”

The mother of three says she hosted a four-day “experience” in Sedona, Ariz., which consisted of different wellness activities — including a drumming circle alongside Shamans, yogis, mystics, and licensed professionals, because it’s her company.

Aside from her wellness endeavors, King also hosts a podcast called “Intimate Knowledge” and promotes products on social media in order to make money.

However, the influencer claims Edmonds downplays her business pursuits and tells her, “You don’t work. Oh, you think Instagram is work?”

Jim Edmonds in his baseball uniform.
King claims Edmonds, a former St. Louis Cardinals player, is condescending about her work.
Getty Images

“He tells me I’m worthless,” she adds. “I was told I wasn’t a good mother when my babies were newborns because I wanted to have a career and thank God I do.”

King read aloud to Page Six an email Edmonds allegedly sent her via a court-ordered app meant for co-parents to speak through, in which the ex-athlete allegedly called her a “liar” and a “phony,” among other condescending remarks.

“Every time I get a notification my heart drops,” she says.

King says she’s been advised by her court-appointed parent coordinator to not respond to any messages that contain verbal abuse.

A photo of Meghan King without makeup.
King says her “heart stops” when she gets messages from Edmonds.

However, she says she wants to speak up against the alleged abuse because she is in her “spicy era” and the “gloves are off.”

“I will not take this lying down,” the former Bravolebrity says. “I am going to be a voice for women who don’t have the voice and the second he stops, I stop. I’m not even asking for him to be nice, I’m asking for him to treat me like a human.”

King says she, in a sense, feels like there is not much else she can do to stop her ex than to share with the public what goes on behind closed doors because she’s already done all she can inside the courtroom. (In September 2022, she was granted a temporary restraining order that was later turned into a consent order that aims to still protect each party.)

Jim Edmonds standing behind a bar.
King and Edmonds have been in a custody battle for three years.
NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“I already have full legal custody and full physical custody,” the reality TV alum says. “He only has visitation every other weekend. I am physically cut off from my kids when they’re with him, but I know it’s good for them to go to their dad’s.”

King tells Page Six she is sharing with paid subscribers on her Instagram “proof” of Edmonds’ alleged abuse because she wants that content available only to people who “care” about her and “believe” her.

“I’m sick of defending myself against people who think I’m being irrational or exaggerating,” she concludes. “This is not an exaggeration. It has gotten worse. It’s unbelievable the amount of abuse that he spews at me. It’s killing me.”

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds posing for a photo with their kids.
King says Edmonds’ alleged abuse is “killing” her.

Edmonds’ rep tells Page Six in response to King’s allegations, “Jim is very concerned about Meghan’s mental health, particularly these past couple of months. He believes she is spinning out of control and is worried about the effect of this on the children.”

The former couple, who were married in 2014 and split in 2019 amid cheating allegations, have been embroiled in a public battle for years.

Jim Edmonds posing with his kids on a couch.
Edmonds accuses King of suffering from mental health issues.

Most recently, King took to social media to accuse Edmonds of using “coercive control” against her — which she reiterated to Page Six, but her ex has continuously dismissed her claims as “lies.”

In January, Edmonds said of King on a podcast, “Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie towards us.”

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