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Ramona Singer’s ex dishes on new beau she’s kept under wraps

Ramona Singer’s private new relationship is no longer a secret thanks to her ex-husband Mario.

The friendly exes were at NYC’s Shanghai at Hutong restaurant supporting their daughter Avery’s Bach Boss company launch event, when Mario developed a case of “diarrhea of the mouth,” and started dishing about Ramona’s new boyfriend to guests, we’re told.

“He was telling people how he was meeting her boyfriend Bill for the first time and how they were going to T Bar after,” a spy at the launch told Page Six.

The Upper East Side set have apparently been buzzing about Ramona and Bill for months, but “no one knows his last name,” a source said.

Either way, “Things are getting really serious with the guy,” they added.

Ramona Singer
Ramona has been keeping her relationship under wraps according to sources.

We’re told Ramona has been trying to keep the relationship hidden because, “the guy is still married, separated, getting a divorce. The papers haven’t come through yet and she doesn’t want anyone to know,” the source speculated.

Another source at the party insisted, “He was there! But Ramona kept him from everyone.”

“I think she’s just very protective of the situation… She’s a calmer Ramona now,” the source added.

Ramona Singer
The former reality star is “much calmer” since dating her new beau, according to pals.

Ramona was coy about her new romance when we reached out, saying, “I did have dinner with Mario and Avery and some friends [on Wednesday] including a friend of mine named Bill.”

“It’s way too early in our relationship to call him by ‘boyfriend,’” she said.

Candace Bushnell, “Summer House” star Kyle Cook and more former “Housewives” stars, Bershan Shaw and Dorinda Medley, also came out to support Avery.

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