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Watch: How to Leverage AI for Social Media

Last week, The Daily Carnage teamed up with HeyOrca to talk about how generative artificial intelligence is shaking up the workflow for social media managers everywhere.

Watch the webinar to discover…

  • Why AI is becoming increasingly essential and the different types of AI applications.
  • How to write compelling AI prompts that inspire creativity and generate engagement.
  • How HeyOrca’s AI Captions feature can take your social media content to the next level.

HeyOrca x The Daily Carnage


We love a good drag, drop, and done. Quickly create engaging still and animated 3D mockups with Rotato to showcase your mobile app or website functionality the way it’s meant to be experienced. You can start from scratch or work with templates to generate mockups for any platform or channel.

Maybelline x Chloe Fineman

Pop Star-Proof Makeup

SNL’s Chloe Fineman is helping Maybelline convince viewers that the Tattoo Studio Ink liner can’t be ugly-cried off or washed away in the rain with this 90s-inspired, totally cringe music video.

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