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Socialite Peter Davis gets engaged in Vail, Colo.

NYC socialite and editor of Avenue Magazine Peter Davis got engaged to real estate developer Ted Hildner atop a mountain in Vail, Colorado, on Valentine’s Day.

Davis tells us, “We had talked about getting married, but I took initiative and went to Tiffany and bought these super conservative gold bands.”

We’re told the rings have three diamonds, one for each of Hildner’s sons from a previous marriage.

Davis continues, “We were in Vail skiing… and I staged it so that someone would take a photo of us. I got down on bended knee at the top of the mountain and proposed. He said yes!”

The pair had met through mutual friends years ago, but had an immediate spark when they reconnected last year.

Peter Davis
Davis tells Page Six he bought the rings at Tiffany.

“Our first date was dinner, second date was a ski date in Vermont with him and his friends, and we were inseparable after,” Davis tells us.

Davis calls Hildner his “soulmate.”

“We have so much in common, it’s weird,” he says. “We are both OCD clean. We both like skiing, dogs, and are both the same size in clothing so our closet expanded twofold. He is probably the funniest person I have met in my life. And he puts up with me, which is a big plus because I can be a handful.”

Peter Davis, Ted Hildner
The couple are planning a big wedding.

The pair plan to get married in a large, black-tie wedding in NYC later this year.

“I want everyone included,” says Davis, adding they’ll have a large affair.

While the specifics are still in the works, we hear top socialite Marjorie “DJ Mad Marj” Gubleman will be in the DJ booth as a wedding present to the happy couple.

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