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‘Summer House’s Danielle Olivera, Gabby Prescod’s ex ID’d

Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod’s mutual ex has been identified.

The “Summer House” co-stars both dated audio executive Brannan Goetschius, Page Six has exclusively learned.

Goetschius, 36, is currently the head of audio at New York City-based entertainment company 101 Studios, and he previously worked for SiriusXM and Spotify, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Prior to that, he was employed by NBCUniversal, which owns Bravo, the network that airs “Summer House.” (Prescod recently said her ex took her to a “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” taping on their first date.)

Brannan Goetschius on "Summer House."
Olivera and Prescod both dated Brannan Goetschius, seen here in a 2018 episode.
Brannan Goetschius, Danielle Olivera, Lauren Wirkus and another man on a double date on "Summer House."
Olivera and Goetschius went on a double date with her co-star Lauren Wirkus during Season 2.

Goetschius even appeared on “Summer House” once: In a Season 2 episode that aired in March 2018, he went on a double date with Olivera and her then-castmate Lauren Wirkus.

Our ID comes after Olivera, 34, and Prescod, 32, shocked viewers when they revealed during a group dinner in Monday’s episode that they used to date the same guy.

A selfie of Danielle Olivera.
Olivera said she went to Coachella with Goetschius in 2016.

“We were inseparable for, like, three straight months, and then it got flaky, and then I think we hooked up, like, after that as well,” Olivera explained of Goetschius, whose face and name were censored on the reality show this time around.

“Oh, you did. I will tell you why,” Prescod interjected before claiming, “He actively cheated on me with you. He lied to me.”

Gabby Prescod sitting at a restaurant table.
Prescod said she dated Goetschius until 2017.

The Bravolebrities then compared timelines, with Prescod saying she broke up with Goetschius in November 2017 and Olivera sharing that she went to Coachella with him in April 2016.

In a confessional, Olivera admitted she knew of Prescod before the fashion editor joined the cast for Season 7 but insisted she was not aware of “any overlap” in their relationships.

Brannan Goetschius and Danielle Olivera cuddling up at Coachella.
Goetschius’ face was censored in the Bravo show’s latest episode.

Later on, Prescod confessed to her castmates that she had savagely hijacked Goetschius’ social media accounts after finding out about his alleged infidelity to post a message that read, “I am a liar and a cheater. I don’t deserve the girl who I claimed to be my girlfriend for the past 4 years.”

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The post continued, “Gabby Prescod is one of the best people I have ever met. And I have wasted her time and taken advantage of her love and her trust. I’m sorry for this, but it is a pattern of behavior.”

Neither Goetschius nor reps for Bravo responded to Page Six’s requests for comment.

“Summer House” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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