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Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss planned to tell Ariana Madix about affair

Too little, too late.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss planned “for weeks” to tell Ariana Madix about their alleged affair before the scandalous news broke Friday, multiple sources confirmed to Page Six.

However, the delay ultimately caused Madix to find out on her own while searching her now-ex boyfriend’s phone.

Sources said it is unclear whether Sandavol, 39, and Leviss, 28, were going to tell Madix, 37, on camera for “Vanderpump Rules,” but the idea to come clean had been “ruminating for weeks.”

Sandoval’s rep declined to comment, while Leviss’ rep did not immediately return requests.

Page Six exclusively reported on Friday that the new couple had been having a “full-on affair” for several months behind Madix’s back and sources claim they now “want to be together.”

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix at an event.
“Vanderpump Rules” stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss had been planning to tell Ariana Madix about their alleged affair for “weeks.”
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An insider said that Madix was “blindsided by the cheating,” as she and Sandavol had recently been “affectionate in public” and had no issues in their relationship.

The blonde beauty found out about the affair on Wednesday night after she went to support her then-boyfriend at one of his cover band’s shows.

Page Six then confirmed that, towards the end of the event, Madix found a sexually explicit video of Leviss on Sandoval’s phone.

Raquel Leviss and Ariana Madix at an event outside.
However, Madix found out before Sandavol and Leviss could tell her themselves.

Sandoval has since been spotted packing his suitcases into a friend’s car, although his rep claimed the reality star is not moving out of his home just yet.

Page Six exclusively reported Saturday that the disgraced Bravo star backed out of a pre-scheduled interview with us on March 8 after news of his affair broke on Friday.

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The bar owner was set to discuss his partnership with Hydroyxcut and several other topics alongside his co-star Tom Schwartz.

Though Sandavol is not available for interviews, the backlash didn’t stop him from getting onstage to perform with his band, Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras, on Friday night.

A selfie of Tom Sandavol and Ariana Madix.
A source told Page Six that Madix was “blindsided” by the affair.

During his performance, the singer took a moment to seemingly address the cheating allegations to the crowd.

“Have you ever been one of the most hated people in America?” he asked the audience.

When Sandavol was met with “Ariana” chants from the attendees, he replied, “We love her.”

An insider previously told Page Six that Bravo has the cameras “rolling” in an effort to capture the fallout from the alleged infidelity during Season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules,” which is currently airing Wednesdays.

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