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How To Livestream on Facebook To Bolster Sales (2023)

In 2021, Arbonne International made roughly $800 million in revenue, and a lot of its business came via Facebook livestreaming. Company representatives appeared in Facebook Live videos and presented new company offerings to Arbonne Facebook groups. Arbonne’s year-on-year sales results continue to meet or exceed expectations, and many of those sales trace back to a Facebook livestream.

Businesses of any size can use a Facebook Live video to connect with customers, get the word out about new products, and put a human face on the company. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a live video stream on Facebook—plus some key tips for success.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a live broadcast feature offered by Facebook, the flagship social media service of Meta Platforms, that allows Facebook users to stream a live video event on their own pages. It is built into the Facebook app and works on either an iOS or Android device. It also works on a desktop computer via livestreaming software called Live Producer.

What equipment do you need to livestream on Facebook?

You don’t need much to broadcast live video content on your Facebook page. 

  • Hardware. All you really need is a computer or mobile device with a built-in camera and microphone, plus a good internet connection. 
  • Software. In terms of software, you’ll need the Live Producer app for your desktop computer. Smartphone and tablet users will need the Facebook mobile app. Desktop and mobile users alike may want Facebook’s Creator Studio app, which lets you film and then precisely manage your video content across Meta’s different apps.
  • Optional equipment. Professional video creators may wish to invest in additional equipment, like high-quality cameras and microphones to take their videos to the next level. Others may find such equipment unnecessary, as the aesthetic standard for Facebook Live videos tends to embrace the impromptu nature of creating a live video. 

How to broadcast a Facebook Live video from a phone

There are two main ways you can do a Facebook Live from your phone. 

On the Facebook mobile app

Broadcasting live on the Facebook mobile app is simple and intuitive:

  1. Launch the app and go to the Facebook page from which you want to livestream. This could be your individual Facebook profile, a Facebook business page, or the page of a group you belong to.
  2. Look for the post composer tools, and tap the Live button found near the bottom.
  3. Type a description for your video that previews its content. You’ll also have the option to post your location, tag friends, and add an emoji that describes your activity or current feelings.
  4. Tap Start Live Video and start filming.
  5. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.

      On the Creator Studio app

      You can also initiate your livestream in the Creator Studio app:

      1. Launch the Creator Studio app.
      2. Look for the Home or Posts tab, and tap the pen and paper icon in the top right corner. 
      3. Tap the Live post option.
      4. Type a description of your video that previews its content. As with the Facebook mobile app, you can also post your location, tag friends, and add descriptions of your activity or current feelings.
      5. Tap the Start Live Video button and start your live broadcasting.
      6. Tap Finish to end your live video.

        How to do a Facebook Live video stream from a computer

        It’s easy to broadcast live in Facebook desktop mode:

        1. Open your preferred web browser and log in to
        2. Look for the “What’s on your mind?” prompt, which can be found at the top of your news feed or on your personal Facebook page.
        3. Near the bottom of the prompt box, click the option that reads Live Video. Facebook will automatically redirect you to Live Producer, which will open a dialogue box.
        4. Following the prompt, write a description for your live video.
        5. Click “Go Live” in the bottom left. If your desktop computer has multiple cameras attached, you may be asked to specify your video source. The same is true for external microphones and audio.
        6. Film your event, and when you’re done, click the Finish button.

          Livestreaming features on Facebook

          To get the most out of your Facebook Live broadcasts, take advantage of the platform’s many features:

          • Featured links. Facebook lets you embed links when you broadcast live, which lead your viewers to websites of your choosing.
          • Screen sharing. You can use Facebook Live to share your desktop or phone screen with your viewers.
          • Live polls. You can embed interactive polls into your videos, and viewers can vote while you broadcast.
          • Fundraisers. Many charities and campaigns use Facebook to raise money. You can highlight a fundraiser in a live video and give viewers the chance to donate via the Facebook platform.
          • Live captioning. Add CEA-608 standard closed captions to your videos, making them accessible to more people.
          • e comment moderation. You can engage with viewer comments during your live broadcast. You can read them aloud and respond, type responses, or delete those that you deem inappropriate.

          • Posting in different places. Your live video can appear in different places within the Facebook homepage. You can create live video-based posts that appear in people’s news feeds. You can also publish your videos as Facebook Stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

          Facebook Live content ideas

          Given how easy it is to use Facebook’s livestreaming software, some content creators may find the toughest part of their job is devising new video ideas. Here are some potential angles for your Facebook Live posts:

          • Respond to breaking news. Many business owners and marketers tie news developments and seasonal events into their own product launches and sales. As an extension of that, you might want to check in with your audience and react to news, like a clothing retailer reacting to the latest Milan runway show.
          • Interview someone. Facebook Live is a great interview platform. Your subject could be a colleague, a mentor, a customer, or a business leader from another industry.
          • Offer personal check-ins. Sometimes the best Facebook Live content is just a personal check-in. If you’ve crafted your brand image around your own personality, it helps to get your face in front of your audience and let them know how you’re doing on a personal level.
          • Broadcast with someone else. Use Facebook’s co-broadcasting feature to add a second host to your livestream. You can broadcast with a work colleague or with a collaborator from a different company.
          • Do an audience Q&A. Solicit audience questions in your video comment thread, and respond to those questions in your live video.
          • Post a series of polls. You can react to embedded polls much as you react to the comment threads of your Facebook Live videos. Create a dialogue with your viewers by polling them throughout your video and reacting to their opinions.
          • Offer sales and discount codes. Reward your Facebook Live viewers with special discount codes and sale prices that can only be found within your livestreams.

          How to analyze your performance on Facebook Live

          Facebook offers tools to let creators see the impact of their Facebook Live videos. These are housed in Facebook’s Live Producer software, which runs on desktop computers, and the Creator Studio app, which runs on both mobile and desktop. 

          • Stream metrics. Live Producer has a tab called Stream Metrics, which lets you monitor your video frame rate, your video bitrate, and your audio bitrate. This ensures you’re broadcasting with the best available fidelity.
          • Facebook Insights. The Creator Studio software features an Insights tab that charts your minutes viewed, engagements (clicks, likes, comments, and shares), and total audience growth over time. It can tell you about your audience’s age, gender, countries, languages, and interests. It can also reveal how many of your viewers are repeat viewers versus those experiencing your content for the first time.

          Livestreaming on Facebook FAQ

          Does Facebook pay for streaming?

          Facebook does not directly pay creators for livestreaming, but it does offer them multiple ways to monetize their videos. If ads run on your video, Facebook will pay you a cut of its ad revenue. You can also post donation links and ask your viewers to donate to you or your organization of choice. (The donations go through a third party, like PayPal.) Gamers can also make money from their viewers if they join Facebook’s Level Up program. Facebook has gradually rolled out a subscriptions feature, where people can access paywall-protected videos for a fee.

          How long can a Facebook Live stream be?

          Facebook Live videos can be up to eight hours long.

          Do you need a Facebook account to livestream on the platform?

          Yes, you need a Facebook account to livestream on the platform. You can livestream from your own personal page, your business’s page, or the page of a group you belong to.

          Can you schedule a livestream on Facebook ahead of time?

          Yes. You can schedule a livestream up to one week in advance using Facebook’s Live Producer app for desktop computers.

          Can you save your Facebook Live stream for later viewing?

          Yes. Once you’ve published your Facebook Live video, an archived version is saved to your timeline, or the timeline of your business. You can also download these videos as .mp4 files and store them on your computer or mobile device.

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