Hugh Grant an ‘a–hole’ for being ‘rude’ to Ashley Graham at Oscars

Hugh Grant is being blasted as an “a–hole” for being “rude” to ABC interviewer Ashley Graham during the Oscars red carpet Sunday.

Graham asked the British actor a series of standard questions, like what he was excited for at the awards show, whom he wanted to win and whom he was wearing. However, the “Notting Hill” star couldn’t have been more disinterested in the line of questioning.

“No one in particular,” Grant, 62, responded when asked if he was rooting for anyone.

When asked about his tuxedo, the actor dismissed it as a result of his unknown tailor’s work.

hugh grant and ashley graham
Hugh Grant is being called an “a–hole” for being “rude” to Ashley Graham.

Suffice it to say, the interview sat well with absolutely no one on social media.

“Ashley Graham was so sweet and professional with Hugh Grant on the interview… and he’s just a d*ck 😣😒,” commented one Twitter user.

“Y’all Hugh Grant is a jerk. He was SO rude to Ashley Graham on the red carpet,” tweeted another. “Disgusted!”

Anna Eberstein and Hugh Grant at oscars 2023
Fans blasted the “Notting Hill” star for being completely disinterested in the line of questioning.
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“Do better Hugh Grant. The person interviewing you is doing it for people who watch your movies and put money in your pocket,” tweeted another viewer. “What a douche. Not that we didn’t already know.”

“Ok, Hugh Grant be nice to Ashley Grant, he’s giving her nothing,” tweeted commenter Bevy Smith. “I don’t like that, he’s being shady & making her work way too hard.”

Grant’s panned interview comes just days after he admitted to flipping out on a “nice local woman” while filming “Dungeons & Dragons.”

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ashley graham
Graham, meanwhile, has been praised for maintaining her poise.
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“I lost my temper with a woman in my eye line on day one,” the actor told Total Film magazine.

”I assumed she was some executive from the studio who should have known better.”

It goes without saying that it ended up being Grant who “should have known better.”

“Then it turns out that she’s an extremely nice local woman who was the chaperone of the young girl,” he said.

The “Love Actually” star called his temper tantrum “terrible” and explained that his episode ended with “a lot of groveling.”

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